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The mystery of ancestral battles – Part 3


Moses spent forty years in Egypt and they were years of great exploits with God. He was highly anointed and greatly used by God. He was one who was recorded to have seen God face-to-face and carried so much glory that the people could not look at his face. Yet, in all of these, he could not enter the Promised Land. How else do you explain this? A little battle he never placed significance on, a curse of anger in his bloodline that followed him manifested in his future. A sister came to me sometime ago crying profusely. According to her, she got Born Again in her teens and had served God faithfully without defiling herself until she got married. Strangely, ten years after marriage, she had no child, and she was medically diagnosed of having fibroid. When we traced her family history, we discovered a replay of delay in childbearing. It was a bloodline battle that needed to be dealt with. I engaged her in some sessions of prayers and God put an end to her delay. The fibroid miraculously disappeared, she conceived and had children. May God reveal to you the secret behind your problem and put an end to every ugly trend in your life in Jesus name.

Another sister met me sometime ago for prayers. She was forty-eight-years old, fervent in serving God, yet not married. She never knew that she was donated to a family Idol at childhood. There was a running covenant in her family that every firstborn would never get married. This was done in exchange for the family to get wealth. After praying with her, the covenant was broken from her life and she got married. As you are reading through this article today, I decree that God will terminate every agreement your ancestors had with idol powers over your life in Jesus name. Every battle that has made you to shed secret tears comes to an end now in Jesus name.

There are various signs to show that you are fighting ancestral battles. The first of them is the presence of a family shrine. Every member of the family will in one way or the other be spiritually connected to it. Secondly, if your parents are cultists, the covenant entered is oftentimes binding on the children. Thirdly, if a family member is a witch, they can manipulate you to err and then pretend to help you out by giving you a solution that will further entrap you. For instance, if you are experiencing delay in childbearing, they can pretentiously offer to help by leading you to wrong places or persons, where you will indeed have a child that will be a problematic one. Again, if your parents were priests or priestesses of a shrine and were being used to slaughter human sacrifices, the blood of such innocent persons will cry against every family member. Other signs are near success syndrome and strange negative character in the family such as drunkenness, adultery and anger, as in the case of Moses. If your parents always issue curses on their children, this becomes like termites in the family tree that can fast destroy everyone before they realise it.

Finally, when there is an evil family pattern like poverty, barrenness, delayed marriage or particular family sickness. You must deal with all of these. Ask God to reveal the secret, repent on behalf of your parents and restitute. Be Born Again and break the curse.
• Lord, every secret battle handed over to me by my ancestors, let it expire in Jesus name.
• Any power that says I will not enter my place of inheritance, let it scatter in Jesus name.
• O Lord, any power waiting to strike at the edge of my success, die in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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