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The mystery of ancestral battles



Text: 2 Samuel 21:1-10, 14.
A mystery is an enigma or a puzzle. It is a secret or code that needs to be decoded. Life is full of mysteries and Jesus said in Mark 4:11, that as a believer, you have access to the code for every mysteries of the kingdom of God, while those that are outside of the kingdom see it as parables, which they cannot comprehend. In my ministry for instance, we have series of miracles of SS genotype changed to AA. We understand the mystery here and we apply the key, but the unbelievers wonder how it happens. Again, the virgin birth of Jesus is a mystery and in John 9:2, a man was born blind and people wondered why, but Jesus said it is for the name of God to be glorified. Today, people are fighting battles that they don’t understand. This is like fighting with shadows; you can’t win because you are not dealing with the substance. For some, it is a battle with constant miscarriage, delayed marriage, strange illness, disappointments, stubborn problems, poverty, strange negative family pattern, demonic oppression and so on. All of these remain a mystery to them. May God uncover it all for you in Jesus name.


A case was brought to me sometime ago. It was a family of four ladies all separated from their husbands and returned to their father’s house, including one who was married to a pastor. I engaged them in prayers, after which it was revealed that a family idol was responsible for this negative pattern. Their mother had also left her husband many years back. After running the four sisters through a session of deliverance, their husbands came to their senses and that same day, they all came to take back their wives, as the spirit behind the issue was sent packing. Every strongman operating in your family is evicted today in Jesus name.

From our Bible text, we see that there is reward for whatever a man does, whether good or bad. If your grandfather was a killer, his reward will rub on his children’s children. I was ministering in a programme sometime ago and I received a word of knowledge that blood was crying against a sister. I located the sister and a voice cried within her saying “I must kill her.” When I inquired further, it said her husband’s father buried a virgin alive sometime ago and so, the blood was crying against the family. The power had killed so many members of the family, including the husband of the sister in question. This sister and her daughter were the next victims, as long as they bore the family name.


There was an evil law in operation, due to the parents’ mistakes. Such laws may encourage untimely death in a family, delayed marriage, poverty, etc. However, by grace in Christ Jesus, we have a better law that supersedes every evil law. No man is exempted from ancestral battles, if your parents are guilty. God is not a respecter of persons. The earth is governed by principles and there are certain principles you must not play with. We have the Person of Jesus, Who can take you to heaven. But to live successfully on earth, you need the principles of Jesus. May God arise and fight for you in Jesus name.

• Lord show me the secret behind the family battles I have been fighting.
• Father, whatever I have lost as a result of battles, I repossess it in Jesus name.
• Lord show me the secret of my life.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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