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The mystery of demonic stalkers – Part 1


Text: Acts 16:16-18, 1Peter 5:8.
A stalker is someone who willfully, maliciously and repeatedly follows a person. It can also be defined as one who follows a person with the intention to continuously harass the person. There are three groups of stalkers, and the first is referred to as “LURKERS.” These are persons who privily lay wait for others like a prey. They set ambushment and watch you to know when to attack.

The second group of stalkers are the “HAUNTERS”, they torment their victim like a ghost to cause fright and trauma.

The third group is the “CLINGERS” who stick to you anywhere you go. 1Peter5:8, says “we must be sober and vigilant”. This a call to seriousness, watchfulness and focus in everything we do because the enemy is lurking around for a vulnerable victim. His target could be your destiny, finance, family or even your pregnancy.

I once watched a documentary on animal world and observed that a single lion, which had an encounter with a herd of buffaloes, could not attack them until one strayed away from the herd and was isolated. This depicts the operational mode of demonic stalkers. They lurk around to see when you are separated from your helpers and loved ones, so they can attack you. Again, the stalker watches out for your weak point to use against you. This could be prayerlessness, anger, greed, masturbation, pornography and drunkenness, among others. May God strengthen your weakness in Jesus name.


The stalker, like a lion, can also come subtly, unknown to you and sometimes using the cover of the night to attack. That is why you must let your light so shine not like a candle light Christian but a flood light that intimidatingly chases away darkness. Flee from all works of darkness. Just as we have stalkers in the spirit realm, so there are physical stalkers. This could be an ex-boyfriend, girlfriend or associate watching you to get back at you through your mails, social media or other monitoring devices. It is important that we uncover the mystery of these stalkers to understand who they really are. They could be occultic persons or witch doctors using a medium to monitor your activities. Such evil medium could be a horoscope, a crystal ball or even an evil mirror.

For a woman waiting on God for a child, it could be used to monitor when she will get pregnant, so they can attack the pregnancy. They could also be used to monitor your business and then attack your finances. A man who was doing fine in his business in the city decided one day to visit his father in the village. For fear of being attacked by village powers, he refused to display his prosperity. When he had driven a few kilometres close to his village, he parked his car somewhere safe, changed his clothes to portray someone struggling in the city and then completed his journey home by public transport. He was received warmly with exchange of pleasantries while pretending to be poor. His father then took him to his inner room and showed him a basin of water where a moving film of all his activities was displayed. Unknown to him, his father had been stalking him.

May God expose all your stalkers in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623

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