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The necessity of having heaven in view – Part 3


Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Beloved, the city of heaven cannot be compared to any place whether in heaven or on earth. The city was built with all manner of precious stones. God chose the best of the precious stones He created in building the place. Precious stone could be a scarce commodity for men, but heaven is built with all manner of them, even the one that has not been discovered already. There is no country or kingdom that can be compared to it.

Rev. 21:18-20 says, “And the building of the wall of it was of Jasper, and the city was pure Gold, like unto clear glass 19: And the foundation of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stone, the first foundation was jasper, the second, sapphire, the third a chalcedony, the forth an emerald 20: the fifth, sardonyx, the sixth Sardis, the seventh chrysolyte, the eight beryl, the ninth, a topaz, the tenth, a chrysoprasus, the eleventh, a jacinth, the twelfth, an amethyst.”

Each of these precious stones mentioned was not just for the decoration of the foundation, but the foundation itself. The colours are amazingly mixed. Jasper is of the colour of white marble, with a light shade of green and red, while a sapphire is of a sky-blue, dotted with gold, the chalcedony looks like a red-hot iron and an emerald has a bright green colour.


The above descriptions are an indication that the city is beautiful, rich and beyond conception. The costliest materials known to mortals are mentioned in order to give us some idea of how glittering and precious it is. The pavement of this city is of gold, the gates of pearl, the walls of precious stones; all these are denoting the durability, robustness and permanence of it and such also gave out the happiness of its inhabitants (the saints). So, as gold excels all metals, and is not subject to corruption, or as precious stones are full of grandeur and glory, likewise is the mansion of heaven – most glorious, most wonderful and most magnificent. The delight and satisfaction that is in attendance in heaven and the stunning glory of it, in addition to the pure and incorrupt conversation, give the inhabitants (saints) a satisfaction that entirely exceeds all that the rich and glorious things of this world can afford.

If you think you have travelled enough and as such, have been exposed to the beauty of the world or that you have seen it all, I want to let you know, you have not seen anything. You may have gone to Japan, China or America, or to United Kingdom, Paris, and Jerusalem and are boasting that you have seen beautiful cities, you have not seen anything. None of the cities could be compared to heaven, where there is no need of broom because it has neither sand nor dust. We are told that the whole street is made of gold and you know when you get a piece of gold, you are already a rich man, but the whole street is tiled with Gold.


The day God revealed heaven to me, I saw splendour, majesty, grandeur and luxury, everything glittering of gold. I asked myself ‘what am I waiting for?’ Let me go immediately.’ I didn’t know that, if I had gone, this ministry would not be here, as it has not been established then. So, as I conceived to remain in heaven, I suddenly woke up. Beloved, heaven is a place to be.

Rev. 21:21 states, “and the twelve gates were twelve pearls, every several gate was of one pearl and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.”

If you are thinking of going to America or London and as a result want to abandon your salvation, I want to let you know that no place in the world is secure and yet all the places are temporal. Heaven is so secure and eternal that you don’t need security, either in the night or day, neither a police nor military man. There is no violence in heaven; it’s well protected because it hosts the presence and throne of God.

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