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The power of holiness

By Prophet O. Azuka
26 July 2020   |   3:01 am
Holiness is not a doctrine in the real sense of it; rather it is the life a Christian should live all the days of his life on earth. When holiness is treated as a doctrine

Holiness is not a doctrine in the real sense of it; rather it is the life a Christian should live all the days of his life on earth. When holiness is treated as a doctrine, people digest and accumulate it as head knowledge. The negative effect is that they won’t see it as the life they are called to live and the whole reason for their existence on earth.

Holiness is everything a man needs on earth to ascend to the throne of glory in life. It attracts the riches of heaven in a believer’s life. On the other hand, the absence of holiness spells doom and strips a Christian of his inheritance in God. All we need to live the life we are created for on earth is embedded in holiness. Holiness is the fulcrum/brand of Christian faith! 

Holiness gives a Christian advantage over a lukewarm and an ordinary Christian. Ordinary Christians are those who have not tasted the grace of God. They may occupy exalted positions in the church but are far from God. Christianity is superficial; it is not rooted in the grace of God. Interestingly, holiness is the secret of ‘winning’ every battle on earth!

In addition, Holiness is subsumed in salvation. Jesus died to remove sin in man and holiness starts at the point of acceptance of Christ as Lord and personal saviour. Holiness is the strength of heaven. The operations of God centre around holiness. 

The ‘DNA’ of God in the lives of Christians is holiness because it’s the nature of God. The ‘blood’ of God in the lives of the believer is holiness.

With holiness, Christians have the following at their disposal: the power to exercise unrestrained right as children of God; power to dominate; right to appropriate heavenly blessings upon themselves. In holiness, multiplication is a right; fruitfulness is a birthright; holiness enables a Christian to reign over everything on earth. 

When Adam lost his privileges in the Garden of Eden, he lost everything. However, Christ came and restored it to man. Therefore, whatever a man loses on earth such as wealth, riches, glory, throne, favour, etc., can be recovered, when holiness is maintained. Practical holiness is the only thing that can attract God’s blessings.

A preacher, who does not have personal testimony and conviction of holiness and cannot boldly stand to declare openly that ‘the prince of this world comes and finds nothing in me,’ is not permitted to climb the altar of God to preach His Word. Holiness is the stamina and boldness of a preacher and nothing else!

The reason for poverty, barrenness, wretchedness, sickness and death in churches is because holiness is completely lost. Sadly, Satan has stolen holiness in churches today and stripped so-called Christians naked. Churches have disconnected from their source of strength because they traded holiness for mundane things. 

When Adam lost holiness, he became empty. Such is the case of some churches today. They have lost their pride and are exposed to the enemy’s attacks. No wonder carnal authorities decide their fates.

Holiness attracts the divine power of God. Unfortunately, Christians who are supposed to exercise this power to dominate the earth have gone to the devil to seek power. But the irony of the whole thing is that the devil does not have any good thing to offer anybody! Those who pursue money instead of holiness do that at the peril of their souls.

Holiness is the passport to heaven. In the scriptures, the Lord severally commanded Christians to be holy because, without it, no eyes shall see the Lord. In all your getting, get holiness.

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