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The power of redemption – Part 1


Israel Kristilere

Our periscope speaks of our deliverance from the power of darkness and our conveyance into the kingdom of Jesus Christ as we received redemption through His blood. This simply summarises our experience of salvation. But what is redemption?

Redemption: What Is It? Easton’s Bible Dictionary defines redemption as “the purchase back of something that had been lost, by the payment of a ransom.” Redemption is the liberty, which the slave longs for and perhaps the sweetest earthly cup a man can drink. Health has been often been said to be the greatest earthly blessing for what are money, luxury, titles, even a crown without health? But what is health without liberty? One could imagine the noisy joy of a dog when he gets off its chains and the excitement of an eagle chained to the perch, when it finally escapes. But nothing is sweet like when men are set free from their bondages. But there is no degrading and dreadful bondage like that of those who are sold to the slavery of sin. We all need redemption because,


1. The slavery of sin is natural to man. The Psalmist says, “ In sin did my mother conceive me.” (Psa. 51:5). That simply means every man is born carnal and sold under sin.
2. The slavery of sin is a universal state of man. The king and the beggar are both slaves; every man’s heart is black, whatever colour his skin might be.
3. The slavery of sin is the state of all unconverted men.

a) Some are slaves of gold. It is a bondage that makes a man to harden his heart, hurt his own flesh, lie, cheat and throw his own soul away all because of money.

b) Some are slaves of lust. All manifestations of immoralities like adultery, fornication, rape, incest, bestiality, homosexuality etc. are evidences of man’s slavery to lust.

c) Some are slaves of drunkenness. Of all slavery, this seems to be the most helpless and hopeless. This is a slavery that drowns the conscience of man.

Rev. Dr. Israel Kristilere. Shepherdhill Baptist Church, (Sanctuary of Grace & Glory), Baptist Academy Compound, Obanikoro, Lagos.



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