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The pursuit of vision – part 4


Prophet Rufus Olawale Ikotun

These are your supporters and at the same time your fans. They may not be present at your field of play, but they sponsor your matches. They are mostly financiers. They give you counsel and act as Trustees. You can’t do without such people, and because you don’t see them around does not mean they are far. They are always willing to partner with anything in the vision you share.

You can count on their financial support, anytime any day. These are people who appreciate your calling, your gift and talent. They don’t relent, until they are able to bring the best out of your potential. They are usually proud of you, when they hear about you and your accomplishment. They are motivated to do more because you are their pride. You need them. I decree that God will bring your way, the person that will appreciate your calling and gifts in Jesus name.

These are foundational people in your life. They spring up from you foundation, either in family, business or organisation. They are pillars around your success structure. They stand firm for you to deliver value. A good example of this is my elder brother. He believes in calling, my ministry and me. Though older than me, but he never sees himself as an elder brother in ministry. He is a strong supporter and discharges his duties to me as his Pastor and Father in the Lord. He structured himself as a pillar that stemmed out of my family. A lot of them around me who are not my family members biological, but we share the same family love in Christ. They don’t need to be your blood, but they are your blocks. These pillars will stand strong from the foundation; they carry the load and responsibilities of your success. They may not even have the money to offer, but whatever they have, they give. Their time, energy and dedication do not make you to lack anyone at any point of vision execution.

These are the ‘never say die until the bones are rotten.’ They don’t give up; they are ready to die with you. They believe if you are worth living with, you are worth dying with. They don’t care what people say or what goes around them. They sacrifice themselves for you and as you grow, they grow with you. Don’t joke with these kinds of people, because they are your Peter, when Judas brings the soldiers to arrest you. They draw their sword as defence against everyone that wants to attack you. They position themselves as informants. They are loyal to the core. They watch out for your enemies and betrayals. They watch your back, even when your eyes are closed in sleep. They are more than security personnel. They are your life, as you are theirs.

These are people that don’t want you or see you either for genuine reason(s) or otherwise. Some of them cannot even identify why they don’t want to see you. They say all manner of things to justify what they feel about you. You need them. They make you stand on your toes. Their actions challenge you to prove the best in you. Don’t ever hate them. They teach you how to pray and train your hands to war, so that you will not be at ease. The Bible says, ‘woe unto him that is at ease in Zion…”

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Rufus Olawale Ikotun
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