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The pursuit of vision – Part 5


Prophet Rufus Olawale Ikotun

These are secret people in your life. You don’t know them but they admire you. They will never associate with you nor show any concern about your life and success. Your person only appeals to their reasoning. Possibly, they like the way you dress, talk, sing or preach. They listen to your messages and songs or see your pictures on Facebook and Instagram. They will never pass comment that reveals their mind or intentions, but they endorse you privately.

You need this people, because they are agents of publicity and awareness. They secretly correct bad impressions of hidden people about you. They say well of or pass good comments of you to people, but never to you. You could mistake them for those who are against you, because they are passive. But the truth is that the underground work they do about your popularity is more than what you know about them. You need them.

Denials love you, support you. They are your fans in the secret, but deny you openly. They don’t want others to know they admire you. A good example of this attitude was what Peter demonstrated during Jesus’ time. Peter, a lover and one of the foremost disciples of Jesus, denied Jesus at the time of trial. These denials are not actually denials, but they exhibit this attitude occasionally, when they feel that they are not secure. Peter drew out his sword, when Jesus was arrested. Jesus’ presence gave him the confidence to do so at the scene. But he denied Him before a little girl, because He was not around.


This kind of people will profess and pledge their allegiance only in your presence; they deny you whenever they think they are not secured. Be careful of this trait in the people you meet. Be sure of their fears, when you are not there.

Middle Men
The middlemen are neither here nor there. Indecision is what overrides their sense of judgment. Most times, they don’t know what is good for them. This kind of people are like weather, they change with time. They are morning when they start, they become afternoon when then wish and night, as they desire. You don’t hear their footsteps, when they depart. You don’t need them. Be careful!


Accusers are inevitable in the pursuit of vision; no one has ever risen without climbing the ladder of accusations. Check through history, all great men of God have been accused of rituals, fornications and financial impropriety, to mention, but a few. But check the event after each accusation; it only leads to publicity and cheap popularity. Your accusers are spiritual agents of announcement. We need to emulate Jesus’ composure in the face of accusations.

Personally, I have faced accusations in different ways and different levels, but I have learnt by experience that they are distractions in the pursuit of vision. The words of Dr. David Oyedepo many years ago kept ringing in my spirit. ‘If you mind opposition, you will lose your position’ so, I don’t mind them. They are not your enemy; they are those that will announce you to those that have never taken cognisance of your existence.

It’s either a blessing or lesson…
However it is, we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason, for a lesson or a blessing. What is your greatest Asset? ‘PEOPLE.’ And what is your greatest challenge? ‘PEOPLE.’ In the pursuit of vision, people can be a blessing and a curse. There are some mistakes I made in the past that cannot repeat itself again, why? I learnt from experience with people. If you say you have learnt your lesson, who taught you? ‘PEOPLE.’
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