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The reality of the overflow – Part 2


Davids. PHOTO: Youtube

Welcome to this new week. I pray God opens doors of favour and opportunities that will usher in a brand new season. We can be assured that the God we serve is more than enough. Let’s examine two examples from the Bible that confirms this.

Case study 1: Peter’s boat sinking experience
I am excited about the new things that will be birthed in your life, as you begin to gain revelation of the reality of the overflow. Peter experienced an overflow of blessings in Luke 5:1-8. On this particular day, Peter (a fisherman) had a frustrating experience, having toiled all night without catching any fish. He, however, had an encounter with Jesus, which resulted in an unforgettable experience after his boat was used for the gospel.

There is something we must always keep in mind: God never uses people, but He raises people. In Verse 6-7, Jesus got into Peter’s boat in order to have a platform for speaking to the multitude that had gathered to hear Him. Jesus was sensitive to Peter’s need and asked him to “launch out into the deep..” – a simple instruction, which Peter obeyed. He caught so much fish that the net began to break, while the boat began to sink. Wow! – A net breaking, boat sinking blessing!

For a man that had caught nothing all night, just enough would have been a testimony, but God is not just enough, He gave Peter more than enough. I had to ask why the net began to break, while the boat started to sink, and the Holy Spirit said, “that is the signature of God. That is the blessing of overflow.” It was God showing His way of doing things. God is not a man. My desire is for businessmen and women to experience the overflow in their business endeavours.

Case 2: Pentecostal overflow – Disciple Multiplier effect
The day of Pentecost had fully come, with about 120 people in the upper room. The location served as a cover and hideout for the disciples, as they waited for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When they were filled with the Holy Spirit, they became bold. Peter inspired, by the Holy Spirit, stood up and began to speak with great courage to those who gathered. This singular event recorded immense growth for the church at once, as a gathering of 120 people increased by 3000 people at once. I doubt that the upper room could accommodate 3,120 people – that is one of the remarkable evidences of the overflow. I desire this dimension of overflow for the body of Christ, where local assemblies will experience anointed additions of souls. We ought to be walking in these kinds of blessing, where no “container” can accommodate His blessings. We need to experience more of these “running over” testimonies. If you can SEE it, you will begin to walk in it.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. If you align yourself with His Word, He will do for you, as He did for Peter and the disciples.
I pray your life, career, business and family will reflect God’s abundant overflow, even as He causes other lives to be transformed through you.Have a blessed week and a season of walking in the reality of the overflow!

I would love to hear from you; @yemidavids, or visit www, or The Goodland, Ifako Bus Stop, along Ogudu-Oworo Expressway, Lagos. @Globalimpactng. See you next week!

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