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The role of christians as salt and light in nation building – Part 2


Israel Akinadewo

Despite the intelligence they thought they had, they could not achieve their aims, to God, their intention was neither profitable to human race, nor righteously envisioned. According to Ahern (2016), everything that we have or use came from one or two sources: it was either raised or grown, or it was developed and mined from the ground. In other words, mineral resources make up everything that we use that did not come from a farm (land or sea) – (Ahern, 2016). The then Tower of Babel was said to be a territory in south Mesopotamia, located at Babylon, but rather was a territory in what is northeastern Syria today (Habermehl, 2011).

For example, let us look at the various mineral resources deposited, from the beginning of creation, all over the world by God, and what could have happened, if the people had achieved their badly-purposed intention. According to reports, while diamond could be found in countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Australia, DR Congo, Botswana, South Africa; countries like Canada, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Libya, Nigeria produces oil, while Syria, which researchers asserted, as said earlier, was where Tower of Babel was, had mineral resources like iron ore, crude oil, phosphate rock and asphalt, among others (Thomas, 2012).

Therefore, if Syria could not have several other mineral resources, and God had acceded to man’s plan to concentrate in one place, where then would have been development in the world? Even at present, Syria is facing internal war, and it could also have been destructive to human race, if man had succeeded in building the Tower of Babel. What this means, therefore, is that no man can effectively implement any plan without God’s approval.


Meanwhile, when God realised that many human beings continually disobeyed Him, He decided to look out for those that would depart from the destructive paths of man, so that His purposes for human race could still be actualised. Here comes the Patriarch, Abraham, who did not only make himself available obediently to God, but sowed the good seed for his generations (Genesis 12-22).

The message of God to Abraham was absolutely clear – walk before me and be ye perfect, and your children shall be like the sand of the ocean, as well as multiply you exceedingly – Genesis 17:1-2. The blessing expected by Abraham became the one, which would only come to pass, if the condition of being perfect before God was met. Therefore, the intellectual capability of man is an earthly acknowledgement, but which could receive spiritual acceptability to bring to a good end the purposes for which it is being applied, only if the condition of righteousness is met.

Salt And Light As Metaphor For Positivity
Salt defined: it is a natural white mineral that is added to food to make it taste better or to preserve it (Longman Dictionary, 2009). However, despite that positive description, when one says an information is taken with a pinch of salt, it means that it should not be taken with all seriousness, for the people concerned do not always say the truth, which is a negative assertion. In another dimension, in American slang, if somebody is described as a salty person, it means the person is unpleasant, highly irritated and generally pretty angry –
Light Defined: it is stated to be the energy from the Sun, a flame that allows you to see things. However, light could equally be seen from the perspective of pains, if it involves something burning.

Meanwhile, the primary intention of these two words, when mentioned in Christianity, is purely about positive things. This was why Jesus Christ said, “we are the salt of the world.” We are expected to turn the unrighteousness acts of nations to righteousness. We are equally expected to use our good relationship with God to bring good tidings to our environments, communities and nations, having known and established that blessings come directly from the Throne of the Majesty (John 3:27).
Being Paper Delivered By BABA ALADURA, ELDER (DR.) ISRAEL AKINADEWO (Omoeri) Prelate and Supreme Head, Motailatu Church C & S Worldwide & Secretary, Christian Association of Nigeria, Lagos State at The Ministers’ Conference Of Christian Association Of Nigeria, Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Chapter, Lagos State On Thursday, May 31, 2018 at Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie Hall, Holy Family Catholic Church, 22, Road, Festac Town, Lagos.

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