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The role of Christians as salt and light in nation building – Part 4


Dr. Israel Akinadewo<br />

Christians As The Salt And Light In Nation Building

In order to ensure that the coming of Christ to redeem mankind is not in vain, Christianity came into being.

Just like obedience to God was the cornerstone of the thriving of nations of Israel, believing in Christ will not only entrench blessings into our lives, but will also guarantee us salvation.


Therefore, since salt and light are positive necessities for nations to grow, and within the context of the purpose of God for them, Christians are expected to be that light and that salt.

Our being called Christians must not be detrimental to our environs and our nations, but must bring good fortune and progress to them.

It takes the sin of Achan to bring chaos to Israel (Joshua 7). It takes the pride and Pharaoh’s hardened heart to bring destruction to the Egyptians (Exodus 1-15).

It takes nothing but the godly attitude of Christians to usher in God’s blessings to the larger community.

This entails also that Christians must lead by example. Christians must not encourage evil. Christians must be added value and not value depletion. Christians must imbibe the teachings of Jesus Christ, which include love, humility, forgiveness, contentment and charity, among others.

What Happened when a nation is depressed?

When a nation of God is depressed, it is usually for some major reasons, which include: God’s commandments having been neglected; God’s immeasurable love for His children being taken for granted; Prayers having been neglected on the altar of pecuniary things; Evil thriving for too long; The children of God being persecuted; Rather than being the salt and light of the world, children of God have turned themselves to the pursuers of honey and milk; We have neglected the spiritual aspect of economic mathematics (Matthew 14:13-21); and Unrighteous people are on the throne, etc.



However, God Who has never forsaken His own people, will always hear our cries, if we cry unto Him.

Therefore, the building of a strong nation requires not only the intellectual capability of the citizens, but also involves primarily, unshaken belief in God, and to serve Him righteously in truth and in spirit, and just as He told Joshua – No nation would then have been able to stand in our presence (Joshua 1:5).

May His name forever be praised in our lives and in our nation, in Jesus Christ’s most precious name. Amen!!!

Remain permanently, under God’s banner!

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Being Paper Delivered By BABA ALADURA, ELDER (DR.) ISRAEL AKINADEWO (Omoeri) Prelate and Supreme Head, Motailatu Church C & S Worldwide & Secretary, Christian Association of Nigeria, Lagos State at The Ministers’ Conference Of Christian Association Of Nigeria, Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Chapter, Lagos State On Thursday, May 31, 2018 at Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie Hall, Holy Family Catholic Church, 22, Road,

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