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The scepter of the wicked


Scepter simply means staff of power or authority. During the full session in the Senate or House of Representatives, you will see the Sergeant-at-arms bearing the Mace upon the right shoulder. He precedes the Speaker when he/she enters and leaves the chambers at the beginning and end of the day’s sitting. The Mace, carried by the Sergeant-at-arms, has become an important symbol of authority of the Speaker and of the House itself.

This Mace is also known as Scepter. The Scepter of the wicked simply means the symbol of the authority of the enemy. Psalm 125:3, “For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous.” The word scepter can also mean “rod” or “staff”. From the scripture above, the psalmist explained that the wicked can exert their authority against the righteous. I decree, every scepter of the wicked over your life is broken in Jesus name.


A sister walked into my office one fateful day for counseling and prayers with tears in her eyes as she narrated her ordeals. She had nine children, but only four were alive. The other five died in mysterious circumstances. The eldest son could not go to school or do any kind of work because of a mysterious sickness that usually attacks him. It usually occurs once a day and when it comes, he begins to scream and defecate or urinate on his body. The complexion of his face will change from yellow to black with blood soaked eyes. This episode will last throughout the day. At one time, he fell from a two-storey building. On other occasion, it pushed him into the fire.

This continued for 16 years. It was 16 years of pain and sorrow for both the mother and the child. After she narrated the story to me, I discovered that the cause of the strange episodes was their family idol. After prayers and deliverance for the boy, the scepter of the idol power over his life was broken. Today, he is totally liberated by Jesus Christ. Halleluyah! I decree in the name of Jesus, every longstanding problem in your life sponsored by the wicked expires today.

One of the ways to break the scepter of the wicked is through a new birth. The new birth confirms the power of sonship on the believer that enables him break the yoke off his neck. When you become a child of God by receiving Christ as seen in John 1:12, God is committed to deliver you from the powers of darkness and immediately you are translated to the kingdom of light.


Another way the scepter of the wicked can be broken is in the place of prayers. In 2 Chronicles 4:9-10, Jabez was an honourable man, yet there was a satanic stronghold over his life as a result of a pronouncement by his mother. On the day he was born, the mother named him “sorrow”. As a result of the pronouncement, the enemy’s stronghold was established in his life. But when he cried unto God in the place of prayers, immediately, the power of the enemy over his life was broken. Another case study was Jacob. The name Jacob means supplanter.

He could not stop the act of supplanting; it was a yoke in his life. He just narrowly escaped Laban by God’s mercy, but his brother, whose birthright he took 20 years before was waiting for him with 400 men at the border. The scripture recorded in Genesis 32:24-30, that he kept his family apart, and went to a secluded place to cry unto God for deliverance. The angel of the Lord appeared and told him that his name has been changed from Jacob the supplanter to Israel the prince with God. Immediately, the scepter of the enemy over his life was broken, his brother Esau saw him and begin to weep.


The plan he had carefully prepared for 20 years to deal with Jacob was aborted! Proverbs 16:7, “When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.” I decree in the name of Jesus, any plan of the enemy against your life will be aborted in Jesus name.

Another way to break the scepter of the wicked over your life is through the baptism of the Holy Ghost. When you receive the Holy Ghost baptism, power is unleashed in your life. Acts 1:8. This power is called “Dunamis” taken from the word dynamite. It is explosive in nature and destroys the yoke of the enemy. Isaiah 10:27.
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