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The secret motive behind every temptation


Temptation comes to everybody on earth. However, there is a reason why devil brings temptations across the believers’ path and if only they can discover the motive behind the temptations, carefulness and watchfulness will not be thrown overboard. Young people are fascinated with money, the shape and beauty of the opposite sex. They forget it is a trap from the enemy to destroy their lives.

Christians are undisciplined. This is one of the reasons they succumb to temptations they would have ordinarily overcome without much ado. Adam and Eve are examples of careless and undisciplined Christians. Eve was not on her guard! She engaged herself in an unnecessary and unprofitable conversation with devil. She was not wise! She was foolish because every authority and dominion had been given to her and the husband ab initio. Adam, who was supposed to apply caution, trailed uncontrollably in the euphoria and frenzy appetite that dethrone him perpetually.

Whenever a Christian entertains evil thoughts without resistance, backsliding is inevitable. Man, in his evil imagination, lost everything to the devil. In our present world, man has sold his dominion to the devil and has become wretched.

The thoughts in the heart of a careless Christian could be a citadel of the devil. When such heart is opened to the devil, it leads to a downward journey to destruction. Lot embarked on such a downward journey that cost him his family members. Lot fell into the devil’s trap because he did not guard his thoughts diligently. He was greedy, blind and careless. He saw the watered land and was moved by sight, not seeing the danger ahead. 


Lot ran away from the grace of God he enjoyed under the coverage of Abraham. He chose to listen to the devil and damned the consequences.Esau was in a hurry to sell his birthright. He despised his birthright at the altar of hunger. He decided to trade with his destiny to satisfy immediate need. This is one the problems with Christians: they compromise scriptural standards and despise their birthright to satisfy immediate needs.  Some Christians who fall into sin do not know the process of their redemption at the Calvary. They do not value the tears and agony of Christ at Golgotha.  Christ found it difficult to face Calvary but He endured the pains.

Whenever sin is committed, there is a spiritual exchange that takes place in the realm of the spirit. Sin of immorality has robbed many their future. Amnon lost his throne because of sin of formication. Sad enough, many young people have destroyed their destiny as a result of sin of formication. Reuben forfeited his place in the annals of history of the children of Israel because of bed of immorality. Devil is a wise businessman while man is foolish! He transact with peoples’ destiny at will in the realm of the spirit. 

Judas Iscariot committed suicide and burst shamefully. He fell into the temptation of greed even after Christ had warned him. There was no place of repentance for him like Esau. Devil took the substance and left him with a mere shadow.

Christ was tempted same way Christians are tempted today but without sin; he overcame all temptations. He refused the easy way; He refused soft landing but rather went through the tough road not minding the cost. Christ’s encounter with the devil was not a physical one but spiritual. Devil was not physically present with Christ but rather came with evil suggestions as thoughts in the heart of Christ. Christians should guard their heart with all diligence. 

Temptation is not a sin until one falls into it. Whenever a Christian falls into temptation, spiritual transaction has taken place and the best is stolen away by the devil.

Be watchful and careful! Watch your motive, actions and lifestyle. Don’t be a careless believer; be wise!
For further reading: Gen. 3:1-7;6:5,4;13:9-13; 25:29- 34; Heb. 12:15-16; Mark 14:44; Matt. 27:15; Acts1:20.You can fellowship with us @ Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Center, 65, Oluwatedo Road, Cele Road, Isashi, Ojo, Lagos State.
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