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The value of our great salvation – Part 1


Pastor W. F. Kumuyi

What makes a difference in the life of a Christian is the forgiveness and pardon he receives, when he repents from his sins and turns to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. That experience of salvation is too precious to be estimated and its value is limitless. It is the greatest gift that God has given to man. And it is a wonderful gift because anyone who does not have it will be of all men most miserable. 

Why is our salvation so great? (1) Because of a great experience. Before our salvation, we had no peace; we were in turmoil. But our salvation came with a great experience of peace with God and peace within. (2) Because of a great expense. The price of salvation is so great. It took the spotless blood of Christ to redeem us from sin. (3) Because of a great exchange. Christ exchanged our sin with His righteousness. (4) Because of a great escape. Were it not for Christ’s sacrifice, we would have been condemned to eternal suffering in hell. (5) Because of a great emancipation. We were slaves to sin and Satan without any hope of emancipation, but Jesus died on the cross to set us free. (6) Because of a great endowment. The Lord has endowed us with the inheritance from heaven. (7) Because of a great exaltation. We are lifted from the dungeon into heaven and made to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. (8) Because of a glorious eternity. We are transferred from hell to heaven, darkness to light and from enmity with God to eternal friendship with the Almighty God, all because of so great salvation. 

As a result of this great salvation, we are assured of a glorious life after death. For every believer, every Christian, that era in eternity will be bright, blissful, a great pleasure and of unspeakable joy. Considering so great salvation, we should launch out with the gospel message with passion, spread the good news of the love of God for all of humanity, and influence many more souls to turn to Jesus Christ.


The scripture calls the change of life that occurs when a person turns to Christ as conversion. That conversion in Christ brings a change in soul, spirit and mind. It brings a change of direction and life. Salvation gives us conversion and transformation. The Psalmist acknowledged his sinful nature and prayed to the Lord for real conversion that will affect his mind, thought, life, character and behaviour. Having recognised his depraved state, he asked God to “Create in [him] a clean heart… and renew a right spirit within [him].” 

Without salvation, there will be no conversion. And without conversion, we cannot teach transgressors the way of the Lord. Before we tell others about salvation, there must be restoration of salvation in our lives. We cannot tell others about forgiveness when we still feel the guilt of sin. We cannot convincingly show others the way to heaven, when we are not sure of where we will spend eternity. It is after we are converted that we are qualified to “teach transgressors [God’s] ways; and sinners shall be converted unto [Him].” Without “turning away every one of [us] from his iniquities,” we cannot claim to be truly converted.


The great salvation is a real conversion. It is one, a conversion of our nature. As a dog has a nature of running after its vomit and the swine has a nature that delights in defilement, the sinner has a nature that desires and delights in sinning. But when salvation takes place, there is a complete turn-around. Two, it is a change of heart. With salvation experience, our minds are turned away from evil things. Three, it is a change of soul and spirit. Four, it brings a change of emotion. Five, it ensures a change of attachment. Six, it is a change of desires. Seven, it results in a change of attitude. Eight, it brings about a change of character and lifestyle. 

Salvation is God’s work. It is a great salvation from a great God through great grace for great glory. However, the sinner and the Almighty God are involved in this great work. On the part of the sinner, there is repentance from all sins, while on God’s part; there is regeneration of the person’s heart. While the sinner turns away from sin, God activates His salvation towards the repentant sinner. The sinner contributes repentance and God gives him regeneration. 

While sincere confession of sins is required from the sinner, it is in the end, God that does the work of cleansing away the sins. The sinner comes with faith in Christ’s atoning sacrifice but God comes with forgiveness and freedom. Prayer is required from the sinner, while God grants pardon and peace. While the sinner trusts and surrenders to God, He gives him transformation and salvation. Further Reading (King James Version): Hebrews 2:3; Psalm 51:12,5,7,10,13; Ezekiel 36:25; Acts 2:36-38,41,42; 3:19,26.

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