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The veil of the wicked – Part 2

By John Okene
06 December 2020   |   3:50 am
Another lesson we can learn from this scripture is that when you engage in illicit sex, the enemy takes 3 major things amongst others from you. First, it is your signet, which represents your identity.

John Okene. Photo: YOUTUBE

Another lesson we can learn from this scripture is that when you engage in illicit sex, the enemy takes 3 major things amongst others from you. First, it is your signet, which represents your identity. In Gen 41:40-43, Pharaoh gave his signet ring to Joseph as a symbol of his identity, when Joseph was to be coronated as second in command in Egypt. Eph. 2:6, says we are raised up together and seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. You are, therefore, a god to your pharaoh (Ex7:1). When you commit adultery or fornication, the devil takes your identity. Secondly, he takes away your staff which is a symbol of authority. God gives every believer authority (Lk. 10:19). The staff is likened to the mace used in the house of Senate. If it is not there, a full plenary session cannot hold.

It gives them the power to operate. David, in Psa. 23 talks about the staff which is the power and then the rod for correction and direction. Again, if you commit sexual immorality, the spirit of God leaves you, hence David cried in Psa. 51:11. The third thing the enemy takes from you is your bracelet which is for ornamental purpose to beautify you. The enemy gives you ashes in exchange for this. Isa. 61:3 says God will turn your ashes to beauty. God can decorate a man with children, wealth and other beautiful things of life. May the enemy not take them away from you in Jesus name.

Precisely, a veil is a piece of cloth or mask used to cover the face of a person or thing e.g. a bride. There are 5 types of veil and the first of them is witchcraft veil. The enemies use this to cover, so you cannot identity them. It can also be used to cover other people, so that they can be wrongly accused of an evil done. They could wear a veil showing the face of an innocent person to press or attack their victims. Whosoever is wearing a veil to attack you, may they be set ablaze and the veil removed by fire. The second type of veil is the marine veil. This is related to water and when put on makes the person to see himself or herself getting married in the dream and yet can’t see the face of the partner. It can also be used to cover someone’s memory, so you can’t remember what transpired in your dream. But when an incident occurs in real life, you suddenly remember it has happened before. This is often called “déjà vu”. Many people have been initiated into the marine kingdom without knowing, while some are having experiences of spirit spouse and children.

The third veil is the Ancestral veil. Powers of the ancestry use this to cover a person, so you cannot identify the root of your problems. You pray so hard and yet get no solution. It can also be used to cover an entire community or nation as we see in Isa. 25:7. People cannot understand why the government cannot tackle situations. You see people in authority who are supposed to be born again, yet can’t make any difference in governance because they have been veiled. They see nothing wrong with what unbelievers are doing, they talk like them. Ancestral veil causes a pattern of occurrences like poverty, promiscuity and illiteracy in a place. You could see the youth with no desire to go to school or the females won’t settle down in marriage, but give birth to several children from different fathers.

In their fifties, they suddenly discover they have mismanaged their lifetime. I pray that every ancestral covering over your life receive fire now. May God use you to rewrite your family history and bring unusual change to your community and nation in Jesus name. Again, we have the veil of familiar spirit that cause men to prophesy without giving solution to people’s problems. Once you accept it, it begins to happen to you (Lev. 19:31). They tell you the colour of your underpants right there and even your bed sheets at home, causing everyone to be excited at their knowledge of your privacy. Run from them. Finally, we have the Veil of Bewitchment that causes men to behave abnormally yet they say, “I know what I am doing.” May God open their eyes destroy every evil veil in Jesus name.
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