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The voice crying in the wilderness


During the ministry of the major prophet Isaiah, he made some predictions concerning events that would occur later in life, especially in the New Testament. Among his many predictions is of the one who would prepare the way for the coming of Jesus Christ, which will set in motion the commencement of our Saviour’s earthly ministry. “The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God” (Isaiah 40:3).

The voice in question here would later become that of John the Baptist, (Luke 3:4). John the Baptist was so filled with the Holy Spirit that the people began to think he was Jesus Christ (Luke 3:15). Such was the anointing laid upon him. He took the gospel of salvation to the people, warning them of the danger inherent in a life of sin. He admonished the people on the grim prospect and doom of hell fire, if they perished in sin. As many as was willing to effect change, he prayed for them and baptised them in the flowing river of Jordan. But among the people he baptised was our Lord Jesus Christ, which ultimately fulfilled the forecast of prophet Isaiah.

The essence of this teaching is to make you aware of the continuous work of evangelism that goes on around us. Like John the Baptist prepared the way for the ministry of Jesus to take flight, ministers of God all over the world should prepare the way for the second coming of the Lord, which will be furious to the first coming, because it is to execute Judgment on souls who shut out their heart to Him.

Like in the Bible, scores of people made fun of the gospel and children of God, the same is evident in the society today. Preachers of sound gospel are not given audience; we only want to hear about prosperity, miracles and messages that suit our ego and lifestyles.

A soul without salvation is like a diseased tree; it cannot produce healthy fruits and such will be cut down by the owner and thereafter cast into fire. “And the people asked him, saying what shall we do?” (Luke 3: 10). John the Baptist answered the questions in verses 11-14. If you find yourself in the category of these people, first and foremost, you must heed the voice of the gospel crying in and around you, and must be willing to toe the line of repentance (Luke 3:8). The voice of John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus’ ministry. The voices of true ministers of God also prepare the way for His second coming. Do not be caught unaware, there will be no excuse tenable enough to miss eternity.

Give your life to Christ and enjoy the joy of salvation and assurance of eternity.
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