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The word is God


Segun Adewumi

“Wherefore thus saith the LORD God of hosts, Because ye speak this word, behold, I will make my words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them.” (Jeremiah 5:14)

There is need to let believers know that effective prayer is not what emanates from our mind, but rather the word of God, which is in two dimensions: The written word and the spoken word

•The written word is the word of the Bible, which can be used as incantation in arguments to demonstrate the superiority of God’s power over demonic power and forces, citing instances similar to the case in which prayer is required. The written word is not the verdict in prayer, but it provokes the Holy Spirit to give the verdict. This verdict, which can be called Prophecy, is the spoken word. This is the word that comes spontaneously from our spirit on the matter for which prayer is sought. The advice here is that a prayer that has no support of the written word may not be effective.


• The word of God is, indeed, the protective helmet of salvation and the aggressive sword of the Spirit. Then written word is the bullet of prayer. The gun needs bullet and shooting to make the required impact. Prayer must be powered by the appropriate biblical authority to be effective. We bring into action a repeat of events, where powerful men of God truncated satanic agents. Reference to the events is followed by powerful prayer of faith and a keen spiritual watch.

• Advice on how to Pray
The technicalities of prayer are that, prayer empowers our Guardian Angels for success in our spiritual encounters. Those possessed of demons could consciously perform their act in their spirit, but believers rely on the directive and leading of the Holy Spirit represented by their Guardian Angels. Ex 23:20-35.

• Position in Prayer
Warfare prayer is made in a position of advantage over spiritual opponents. For example, while one may kneel down to receive power and authority from God, we cannot fight the enemies on our knees. We need to demonstrate our superiority by standing against and over them. The way we are physically is replicated also in our spirit dimension. Similarly at sleep, when in a warfare programme, we are at an advantage, when we sleep on such hard surface as the mat or rug as against soft mattresses. This sleeping position helps us to recall our spiritual encounter. Demonic dreams happen in a situation of half sleep and feature the blinking of the eyelids and movement of the body. Sleeping on hard surfaces wakes up the believer after an encounter before moving to another dream episode.


• The Word that Solves Problems
Having discussed the potency of the word of God in solving human problems, it is intended here to make out relevant Bible passages for different categories of problems. A believer is expected to talk to his problems about God, as Jesus Christ did when Satan tempted Him.

Some Bible stories for victory over witches and occultic forces
• The battle where the Israelites defeated the Amalekites. Exodus 17:8-16.
• Triumph of Moses and Aaron over the magicians of Egypt. Exodus 7, 8, 9,10,11,12.
• The slaughter of the five Amorite kings, when Joshua commanded the sun and the moon to stand still. Joshua 10:1-38.
• Elijah’s contest with the prophets of Baal. 1 Kings 18:18-40.
• Dragon fell before the Ark of Covenant in Ashkelon. 1 Samuel 6:1-21.
• The death of Jezebel. 2 kings 9:30-37.
• Jeremiah was given power to uproot and destroy and he was promised that no power would prevail over him. Jeremiah 1:1-19
• Casting out unclean spirit from the slave girl. Acts 16:16-18

Next week you will receive biblical authorities for victory and solution to all other problems.
Pastor Segun Adewumi
General Overseer, House of Prayer Ministries for All Nations

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