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The yet-to-be transformed believer – Part 4


Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Men in their natural powers are not endued with that faculty by which spiritual things are discerned. As a result, they consider spiritual wisdom as folly.

As a blind man cannot judge colours, because he lacks the sensual ability to discern light, so also the yet-to-be transformed believer cannot properly discern when grace is at work.

He sees every exploit as an outcome of his intellectual ability, thus he gives God no glory for the measure of grace availed him.

But the man who has no understanding than that which he brought with him from his mother’s womb, who acts only by the principles of human reasoning and worldly wisdom, although may be well furnished with intellectual capacity, is still destitute of the enlightening Spirit of God.

Even if that man is availed the things of the Lord, he cannot know them because he is yet to become spiritually transformed to know them.

He may be aware of some of the things pertaining to God, which a natural man may know, but the things of the Spirit of God, such as righteousness, obeying the totality of the word of God without subjecting it to human wisdom, the need and support of evangelism, etc., cannot be perceived by him.

For instance, an untransformed believer doesn’t see reason why money should be spent on crusade, building a befitting church house, etc.

Natural reason alone without spiritual illumination is not sufficient to apprehend supernatural and evangelical truth. The Spirit of God in the work of illumination and conversion makes use of our reasons. Christianity does not command us to throw away our reason, but to subjugate it to the obedience of faith.

But the wisdom of the untransformed believer, no matter his accomplishment and intellectual capability, cannot behold evangelical mysteries in their proper light, or embrace them in their reality without the aids and assistance of the Holy Spirit.

A genuine and transformed believer is spirit filled, while an untransformed believer cannot boast of the Spirit of God. And that is why he considered the things of the Spirit as foolishness, because he does not see them proved from principles of natural reasoning, and by philosophical deductions, which is the only wisdom that he seeks.

So, he cannot know them, because they are spiritually discerned. The yet-to-be transformed man cannot know divine things by that level of wisdom where he operates. Spiritual things must be spiritually discerned; and because they are mysteries, they are not knowable by human reasoning, but by spiritual revelation.

Roman 8:14 “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”

So, when one is born again, that person is controlled by the will of God. Many people claim to be born again or believers, but are struggling to do His will, or keep His commandment, are not transformed. This is because they are still struggling to please God, do His will, obey His teachings, and instructions.

If you are still struggling to do the will of God, it is a sign that you are yet to be a transformed believer. If you find it difficult to come to service, obey the totality of the word of God, and you are claiming to be a believer, it means you have backslidden. Believers obey God willingly, without struggle, and surrender wholeheartedly His Will.

There are many in the church that claim to be believers, but do not agree with the Bible, no matter what the preacher explained. They live their lives anyhow, because they are not transformed.

Heb. 10:7 “Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.”

Jesus did the will of God according to the Bible, while He was in this world. He was not doing anything contrary to the will of God. That was proof He was from God. And Christianity is all about following Jesus Christ’s footstep.

So, if you are not doing all that the Bible says you should do, it is evidence you are not transformed.

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