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There is no other way – Part 2


Yetunde Mercy Olumide

Yetunde Mercy Olumide

Many people today have absolutely no interest in God or religion. They are not atheists, just committed secularists. Moreover, there are far more motives behind the practice of religion than a search or desire for God. Political power, tradition, standing in the community, a desire for increased fertility or wealth, even sexual gratification are among the forces driving countless people back to their centres of worship. Looking for God? Hardly.

Nor is there any guarantee that people will find Him in the end. They say if there is a God at all, He obviously lives in realms beyond us. Otherwise, all of us would already know Him from birth. But the religions of the world, including today’s New Age systems, recognise that people do not naturally and instinctively know God, which is why they promise their followers, access to Him. The problem is that they offer competing and often conflicting versions of who God is and how we can know Him.

Christianity is unique in that it claims that instead of people gaining access to God, God has made Himself known to people. His ultimate self-disclosure was in Jesus Christ. No longer is He the unknown God. Although “no one has seen God at anytime,” Jesus “has declared Him” (John 1:18).


So, does Christianity claim that all other religions are totally wrong? Of course not. Most have some measure of truth in them. Islam and Judaism in particular have a great deal of truth in them. They are like candles that bring a bit of light into a very dark world. Nevertheless, all religions pale into insignificance at the dawn that has come with Christ. He fulfils the hopes, the aspirations, the virtues, and the insights of whatever is true and good in all faiths.

The biggest problem the Church faces today is the increasingly popular idea that all roads lead to heaven and that one religion is as good as another. A number of Christians, I find, are falling for this idea and are in danger of moving away from the concept of the supremacy and incomparability of Jesus Christ, which is the clear teaching of the Scripture. In an age, when we Christians are urged to put our Saviour alongside other great religious leaders, we must resist all attempts to position Him as one among many, or even the best of rivals. Our Lord Jesus Christ is in a class of His own. There is just no one like Him.

To hold to this biblical position, of course, is to invite criticism but, nevertheless, we must not move from it. There are not two or more ways to heaven; there is just one and that one way has been opened for the whole world through the innocent sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. In starting this message on Biblical Truth, emphasis needs to be placed on the indispensability of Jesus, not only in relation to the way of salvation, but to the whole of life in general. It is with much prayer and concern that I send out this serialised message for publication.

I have asked God to use it to bring home to both Christians and those who are not yet Christians, the realisation that when it comes to Jesus Christ, there is no one to compete with Him. He is not just the best the world has seen, but the best it will ever see. yetundemercyolumidewww.christiscomingsoon.netMobile: +234 803 344 6614; +234 808 123 7987.

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