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Translating your talents into treasures – Part 1


Pastor David Adeoye

God has given gifts/talents to everyone. Every person is talented in a special area and until you begin to translate these talents into financial resources, you may not enjoy total fulfilment.

God does not give treasures, but He gives talents. He does not give wealth; He gives power to make wealth (Deut.8: 18). He will not give you money but the ideas to make money.

There is always something in you that can be translated into treasures, whether you are involved in a pay job or not. You can start from anywhere; you don’t need all the riches in this world to start as “Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.”

God gives talents as He wills for our profiting, just as PHCN gives electric current and expects that you connect it to bring out the best in your electrical appliances. What God has given you might be the least insignificant thing, but when you use it well, it turns to be extra-ordinary.

Money flows towards the direction of those who trade with their talents. It moves towards those who will celebrate it. Your talent is not to be hidden; it should be for an exchange. When you discover your talent, you will never be hidden. Value what you have and work on it. Don’t compare yourself with others.
Case Study – Henry Heinz

Dr. Myles Munroe said, “All men are sent to the world with limitless credit.” This limitless credit is not visible, which is why you have to explore it. You can carry so much and not know because of your ignorance. It is important to know that inside your ordinary “Clay” lies an extra-ordinary “Gift”.
What you have inside of you is bigger than some oil wells. Until you know the value of a thing, you cannot appreciate it. Appreciate what you have; appreciate yourself and you will naturally shine. Discover what you have and make the best out of it. Stop comparing yourself with anybody; you are unique {2Cor.10: 12}.

Why Many Can’t Recognise Their Treasures:

• Comparison: Stop comparing yourself with anybody, discover what you have inside you {2Cor.10: 12}.

• Tradition: Don’t let other people’s tradition/beliefs distract you from discovering and appreciating what you have. Always know that what will take you out of obscurity to limelight is your gift. Don’t follow how it should be done, do it the way you seem right and the way God wants.

• Fear: You can’t discover what you need to discover fully until fear leaves your life.
Tips On How To Discover Your Talents:

• Divine Ispiration: Some people discover their talents either by hearing directly from God or by knowing it inside of them.

• Self-examination: Always do self-examination and know where you fit in without stress.

• Counseling and Mentoring: This helps to bring the best in you and also helps you bring out the best in others.

• Situation and Circumstances: Some people are made through the things they go through (mostly negative things). Know that the circumstances you go through are meant to build you; they are meant to refine you and make you think of getting better.
Developing Your Talents

It is important to know that the world is not interested in the discovery of your talent, but they are interested in its development. Develop your talent into what people need because you cannot go beyond where your talent can take you.

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