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Unveiling witchcraft – Part 2



Witchcraft hates to be exposed; hence it operates in a subtle manner. They use the cover of the night to perpetrate their nefarious activities. The agenda of witchcraft manipulation is to weaken, overpower and destroy believers. Some persons are presently suffering several attacks in one form or the other from witchcraft practitioners. That is why it is very important to be familiar with their operations or attacks in other to overcome them.

A sister for seven years had series of miscarriages not knowing that her prayer partner was responsible. She went into fasting and prayers for seven days and by the fifth day of her prayers, the friend was exposed. Imagine her so-called friend and prayer partner was a witch. That is why it is crucial for all serious believers to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in whatever decisions they need to make or relationships they are entering into. You cannot know who is a witch except the Lord reveals them to you.

Witches are usually heartless. When the spirit is in operation in their lives, they even go to the extent of selling their loved ones to gain promotion in their covens. The powers weaken their victims and when defenseless, finally destroy them completely. Their strategy and purpose at times could be to weaken you and make you fall behind. This is when prayers become difficult and at this point the enemy goes for the kill. God gave us direct instruction in Exodus 22:18 to destroy witchcraft powers completely. Today, I decree every agenda of witchcraft for your life is destroyed now in Jesus name.


Witchcraft is a system practiced by witches to manipulate humanity into bondage. They have a place where they usually hold their nefarious meetings. This place is called coven. It is organised into local, national and international levels. Such places could be underwater, on trees, in market places or houses. These covens are not seen with the physical eyes. So many people’s destinies are tied in the coven, while others are converted to goat and tied in the coven. Every coven has an altar where sacrifices are offered and a high priest or priestess is the head of the coven.

A sister came to meet me for prayers that her husband was impotent. I gave her some prayer points to pray with fasting. The next day of the programme, she had a dream where she saw an angel with my face taking her to a place called coven. There she saw her father-in-law and other relatives of hers. The angel then commanded them to restore the husband’s organ. She said she saw a big pot on fire in which they were cooking the organs of men. So she took a big spoon and began to stir but she could not find that of her husband. They, then told her to check the next pot and that was how she collected her husband’s organ. When she woke up, the potency of her husband was restored. Praise the Lord!
he pot she saw in the coven is called a caldron. According to Micah 3:3, this caldron is used to cook people’s organs or destinies. Some persons are always feeling internal heat. Doctors cannot proffer solution to their problem. It is a sign that witchcraft powers are cooking them in a caldron in the coven.
I decree today, every witchcraft activity in your life comes to an end now in Jesus name.

Prayer Points
• Every witchcraft spell cast on me, in the name of Jesus, expire by fire!
• Altar of witchcraft in my family, catch fire!
• I break myself loose from every bondage of witchcraft by fire!
• Any witch assigned to be feeding me in my dream, in the name of Jesus die!
• Every evil dove against me through witchcraft attack, in the name of Jesus catch fire.
• Father! Every coven in my neighborhood or in my village or my house in the name of Jesus catch fire!
• Witches assigned to kill me, you are a joker, in the name of Jesus die!
• Every travelling route of witchcraft around my house, receive fire in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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