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Unveiling witchcraft – Part 4



Text: 2 Kings 9:22
There are four types of witches. They are witches by decision, these are people who agree or took a decision to become a witch. Some persons ignorantly join witchcraft to protect their loved ones but end up donating them in their covens. There are also witches by inheritance. If any of your parents is a witch, automatically an element of witchcraft is inside of you. Most times, a witch must initiate one of her children to take over from her in the coven. Thirdly, there are those who become witch by force. These ones don’t like witchcraft but were forced into it through food or drink. The fourth category of witches are the unconscious witches. These persons are witches but are oblivious of their status as a witch. It is what I call “blind possession”. Such persons when they sleep, they don’t dream or remember their dreams. The enemy completely deletes their dream memory. Sometimes such persons experience what is called “Deja vu”. Whenever they come to a place or see a thing, it occurs to them that this has happened before or they have been here before. Such a person would have seen it or gone there before in his dream but cannot remember because his dream memory had been tampered with.

A sister, after one of our Interdenominational Prayer and Deliverance Services, saw herself flying with a pillow. The next day, she saw herself in a market place helping some group of persons to fry fish. She was asked to bring the palm oil used for frying, only for her to open it and discover it was blood. They wanted to beat her, but she said: “I don’t know what is inside the bottle.” Three of the witches began to argue among themselves if actually she saw it. One whispered to the other that she is not supposed to know, or else there will be trouble. Immediately, she woke up, behold it was a dream. When she told me about the dream, I asked her if prior to that time she remembers all her dream or if she had such dreams before. She said, “emphatically no”. I told her that she is a blind witch because her manifestation during her deliverance was frightening. She vomited strange substances and that was how she got her deliverance. Today, as you are reading this write up, may your deliverance come speedily in Jesus name.


Some of the signs to show you are under witchcraft attack includes; being pressed down when you are asleep. That is what I call “evil visitation”. Some persons when they are asleep, experience unusual weight upon themselves. When they try to wake up they can’t. Sometimes they try shouting the name “Jesus” but can’t. Another symptom of witchcraft attack is when you wake up and see marks or lacerations all over your body. It simply means witches had come to collect your blood or renew a blood covenant with you. Also when you experience what we initially call “déjà vu”. It is the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before. Other signs of witchcraft attack include constant eating in the dream, especially if you are being fed with meat that could mean being fed with human flesh in your dream. If you are having this experience constantly then you need to pray about it. When also you don’t dream at all or remember your dream, it is a sign that you are under witchcraft attack. If you were formally intelligent, suddenly you discovered that you are dull; it means you might be under witchcraft attack. These powers make people that are intelligent to become brainless. De facto, they turn the brain of an individual to sawdust. I decree to a reader of this article, any witch behind your case within 21 days will confess in Jesus name.

A woman confessed when they brought the corpse of her stepson from abroad. This boy was the best brain in the family. He won scholarship to read medicine abroad. Immediately after his graduation, he came back to Nigeria and a party was organised for him by his father. Unknowing to them, the step-mother who was a witch, was envious of him. That is what we call “envious witchcraft”. She poisoned his drink with her eyes, the next day the boy travelled back, only to get to his station and started shouting “my stomach, my stomach,” by the next day, he was stoned dead. Somehow nemesis caught up with the stepmother, she started seeing the late stepson pursuing her with cutlass in her dream. Immediately, the corpse was brought home, she ran insane and started confessing how she killed the young lad.

Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries. Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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