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Victory over household enemies


Segun Adewumi

Household enemies are the enemies within the family. The Bible establishes the fact that one’s enemies are really members of his household.

(Micah 7:2-6)
The biblical examples of Household enemies begin from Abel and Cain. Cain was envious of his brother Abel, who gave the best to God. He murdered his brother because of envy. We also have the example of Lot and Abraham. Another bitter example is that of Jacob and Esau. Rebecca, their mother stole and delivered the destiny of Esau to Jacob.
(Gen. 37:19-20)
Joseph and his Brothers
The removal of Joseph’s coat of many colours and putting him into a dry pit, while they ate was a common practice of household enemies, who usually discourage recognition of our talents and competence and put us in pit of life, which is a situation of hatred and stagnation.


Household enemies are very common situations in the African society because of the polygamous arrangements of family settings. Polygamy was a sign of prosperity in the olden days, because wives and children help with the family’s farm business. The size of the family decides its prosperity.

Marriage was a place of competition for the women, most of who were actually fortified with witchcraft, as a weapon of survival. Women needed witchcraft to do as follows:
• To get the husband’s attention.
• To support their children.
• To fight their rivals and their children.

The above is why the diviners and other spiritual consultants usually blame the rival wives for the misfortunes of the children. Another very common household enemies are the uncles, who, out of envy, attack the destinies of their victims. There is always a cult of people with familiar spirits in every African family. Members of this cult know the spiritual labels of every family member. They have to be consulted, if any family member is to be tackled by the non-family member. Yoruba has an adage that says (external power cannot kill without the cooperation of the family member) “biku ile ko pani tode kole pani.” It is when one is released to the congregation of witches by one’s family member that such a person becomes a lawful captive.

(Isaiah 49:24-26)
A lawful captive is that person that was legally purchased in the occult realm and, therefore, becomes a spiritual slave having lost all his human privileges. Such a one has become like a common domestic animal to the occult people who are now his real owners. Occult members are usually called Merchants in the manner by which Joseph was sold to the Midianite.

(Gen. 37:28)
(Isaiah 47:13-15.)
The above is why death of a person known as a witch or occult within the family does not necessarily translate to the freedom of the victim of witchcraft. The reason is that the household enemy has already sold and has disinvested himself from every right of ownership of the victims. However, there are situations where the household enemy is directly responsible for holding a victim in his custody. He monitors such a one with mirror, water and other devices used as monitoring spirits. Victims of this manner of attack may experience being pressed down and suffocated at sleep, bad dreams or meeting cobwebs in the street.


Victims of household enemies usually have spiritual label that make them vulnerable to spiritual attack, which make their lives bitter and sorrowful. I was a victim for a long time, but in the manner of Joseph, I can now say “I am Joseph! Is my father still living?” Gen 45:3

If your situation tallies with the disruption of household enemies victims, you may begin to meditate with the following Bible verses, until you go through a proper deliverance programme to recover your stolen destiny.

Isaiah 10:27, Gen 45:14, 2 Samuel 5:3, Isaiah 41:8-16, Psalm 83 and a complete story of Joseph in Gen 37 and Gen 45.
Pastor Segun Adewumi, General Overseer, House of Prayer Ministries for All Nations 08039425631.

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