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What believers should know about Juju medicine – Part 1


Segun Adewumi

“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” (2nd Cor 2:11)

Juju medicine, talisman and other fetish objects have no spiritual power of their own. It is when the demons are conjured to inhabit them that they begin to manifest power. Demons enter such objects through incantations, chanting and other meditative devices. Fetish objects often placed on the way, buried in the ground or suspended in the ceiling derive their power this way. Included among the fetish objects is the seal made in some churches. A seal is usually a concoction or image of the demons or names of some fallen angels wrapped and tied up with thread upon which an invocation is made to enable the demon desired inhabit them. Seals are as fetish as other juju objects. The same principle applies to the shrine, idols and other objects that depict various deities. One may defecate in the shrine or spit on the idols and there shall be no repercussion whatsoever, unless the deeds are known to the demonic human agents, who have the physical custody of the idols and the spiritual custody of the demons. An example was when Gideon took 10 men with him to bring down the altar of Baal, killing its bullocks and using the wood of the idol Altar to roast the meat of the idol’s bullock His action angered the men (Baal worshippers) of the city and they requested that his father released him for punishment. The response of Joash, Gideon’s father is a challenge to the relevance of the idol. (Judges 6:31) Baal could not avenge itself because it is as ineffective as any other inanimate object. Isaiah also spoke of carving images as the demonstration of the stupidity of man. (Isaiah 44:15-19)


Idol and the Shrine
An idol is usually the symbol of worship of Satan the devil or one of its principal demons. Satan the chief demon manifests in different dimensions some of which are:
• As Beelzebub (Prince of demon) -Mt. 12:24
• As Abadon or Apollyon (Destroyer) -Rev. 9: 11
• As Prince of the power of the air (disobedience) – Eph. 2: 2
• As Accuser -Rev. 12:10
• As Wicked Spirit -Mt. 13:19
• As Murderer, Liar -Jn. 8:44
• As Prince of the World-Jn. 12:31
• As Belial, Opposer – II Cor. 6:15

It may surprise believers that invocation of the demonic forces could be done with the use of Bible verses, especially from the book of Psalms. The fact is that the words of the Bible are a collection of the supernatural laws often referred to as graphic. Bible verses are potent with spiritual power that can be released and applied through invocation made on the demons or the Holy Spirit. The words of the Bible are like the military weapons that cannot fight on their own. The gun requires a bullet and firing to create effect and impact. The igniting power, genuine or counterfeit will provide the result. The Holy Spirit is the genuine, while the demonic spirit is the counterfeit.

That a prayer was answered does not imply that such prayer was right. In most cases, prayers could be mere manipulation of spiritual forces for a desired result. A typical professional Prophet could be that person who has the ability to manipulate spiritual forces. He may not be different from the occult men and other practitioners of idol worship in his method of prayer.

Pastor Segun Adewumi, General Overseer
House of Prayer Ministries for All Nations

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