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What do you see?


Text: Gen. 13:14-17, Numbers 13:17-33
What you see in life matters a lot. If you focus so much on the problem, it will give you direction. If 40 persons look towards a direction, they will see different things. What you focus your attention on is what you end up attaining. God asked Jeremiah a question in Jer. 1:11, what he saw? At that time in Israel, there was great famine in the Land, and Jeremiah answered God that he could see an almond tree. It simply means in the midst of the famine, he sees fruitfulness because the almond tree is very fruitful. And God said in verse 12, he will hasten his word to perform it. What it simply implies from this statement is that, what we see in the midst of our crisis or situation will determine whether God’s promises for your life will come to pass or not. Jesus saw joy at the time of His crucifixion and it came to pass. Hebrew 12:2

In life, what you see is every important, but how you see it matters the most. You can never be bigger than what you see. In our Bible passage in Gen. 13:14-17, God asked Abram to walk to the four corners of where he was then. He said

“For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed forever.” (KJV)… Genesis 13:15

It means it is what Abraham sees that will eventually come to pass. So, God is not limited by what He wants to do for us, but we limit ourselves and God by what we see and how we see it. Your location is also very crucial here. The man on a mountaintop will have a broader view than the man in the valley. Spiritually, where you are determines what you see and how you interpret what you see.

Perception is the key to the fulfilment of destiny. If your perception is wrong about the right things, it will hinder you from fulfilling your destiny. Many people focus on the problem, but others look at the problem as a challenge in life that must be conquered for them to get their testimonies. Two persons can look at a particular thing, and see it differently. In 1Sam. 17:1-11, 24-50, Goliath confronted Israel, and challenged them to battle. Everybody, including King Saul, looked at him as a giant too big to be conquered, but David looked at him differently, as a man too big that he would not miss with his sling. Eventually, David brought Goliath down. In life, if we are to achieve or accomplish greater things, we will always come across giants standing at the door. It is our duty to focus less on the giant and focus more on God. Any time, we focus much on the problem, it increases in size, and our God diminishes. So, let us learn to look beyond the giant and see God giving us victory over our Goliath and lifting us up triumphantly to our palace of greatness.

In Numbers 13:17-33, Moses sent 12 men taken from each tribe to spy the Promised Land. They all came firstly with unanimous report. That of a truth, the land was flowing with milk and honey. They brought back huge cluster grapes, pomegranates and figs as evidence of its fertility. Then came the aspect of possessing the promise, there was a division among themselves. Ten of them focused too much on the inhabitants’ strength, their walled cities and the giants who lived there. But the other two focus on the strength of their God and said they are able to possess the Land. The 10 spies and congregation forgot their God, Who had fought and won battles for them. They began to shrink and became like grasshoppers. If you concentrate on your problems, God will become insignificant. The problem will become magnified, faith will disappear and overtime, such person will be swallowed up by the problem. Fix your gaze today on God and see your problems melting like wax in Jesus name.

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