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What happened to your placenta? – Part 1


James O. James

There are many people that cannot say they know what happened to their placenta at birth. This is a serious matter because what happened to your placenta will happen to you. From the spiritual standpoint, your placenta is your duplicate. They say life has no duplicate, but I say that if you study carefully, you will discover that your placenta is your duplicate.

What is a placenta? It is something that forms in the womb of a woman, as soon as she gets pregnant. The placenta’s work is to take food from the mother to the baby, and everything the baby needs is transferred through the placenta. Also, all the waste products from the baby are passed out through the placenta. The baby is connected to the mother through a little ‘rope’ called the umbilical cord, which forms part of the placenta.

Once a woman gives birth to a baby, the next thing is for the placenta to come out. If the placenta does not come out, there is no rejoicing yet. At birth, the umbilical cord is cut into two. One part remains with the baby, while the other with the placenta. The part attached to the baby is clamped very well or else the baby can bleed to death. It later withers and forms the navel.


While physically the placenta is separated from the child, spiritually they are never separated. Therefore, anything done to the placenta has far reaching effects upon the child. This is why it is important to pray, especially if you don’t know what happened to yours at birth.
Ezekiel 16:1-6.

In this passage, God was speaking to the children of Israel that when they were born, their umbilical cord (placenta) was not properly treated and because of this they needed help. They were essentially living in the land of the dead and nobody pitied them. When our placenta/umbilical cord is not properly treated at birth, or when we ourselves are not properly treated at birth, we could be walking in the land of the dead.

The placenta can be used:
• To draw virtue out of people’s lives. Virtue means fineness, goodness, power, potency, value, quality, excellence, dignity, ability, capability, competence and strength. These are the things that are drawn from someone’s life through placenta manipulation. This is akin to drawing out the milk and honey of a person’s life.
• To manipulate and destroy the destinies of people. It can be used to make the life of the owner barren and useless. Placenta has been known to be used for money rituals, attract customers and pull crowd, so that as these things are happening, the life of the owner is rendered useless.
• To plant trees: If placenta is used to plant trees like cocoa, kolanut, coconut or palm trees, as these trees begin to be fruitful, the life of the owner becomes fruitless.
• As anti-accident charms: This is a situation where there is an accident and the driver disappears, leaving his passengers. The effect is that such tragedy is transferred to the owner of the placenta.
• As sacrifice to idols: Once this is done, the owner of the placenta is dedicated to that idol and that child can be controlled by the idol. This is what I call high-level satanic transaction.
• Used for medication or herbal remedies.

In spite of this, the good news is that God will change your situation and do you good today. Every power manipulating your destiny through your placenta will be judged today in Jesus name.
Prayer points:
• Every battle that has entered my life because of placenta manipulation comes to an end today in the mighty name of Jesus
• Every bitterness that has entered my life today because of placenta manipulation is terminated today.
• O God my father my name is ….. (insert name.) Deliver me from every power controlling my life through placenta manipulation.
• O God my Redeemer, remove every covenant of poverty and failure placed upon my life through placenta manipulation in Jesus’ name
• O God my Father, by the blood of Jesus, destroy all evil works done to my placenta in the mighty name of Jesus.

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James O. James
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