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What works for others might not work for you


Pastor David Adeoye

Success does not always come from the usual angle. It is neither strategised nor regular. Most times, it comes in the irregular way. King Saul thought he could prepare David to fight against Goliath, so he clothed David in his own apparel. Unfortunately, what he could work with was totally different from what David could work with. Saul did not understand that David had heavenly backing working with him and giving him various strategies. There are some successes that do not come from usual angles because God works in unusual ways, so that you can have unusual testimonies. Don’t try to box God with your own usual ways because He is a multi-dimensional God.

Don’t pretend to be competent in what you don’t know anything about. It is foolishness to always try to be like others. Don’t copy what others are doing because you are frustrated. Know that sometimes, what is fine doesn’t fit. Don’t be afraid of being different; you are uniquely made. You don’t have to be anybody, be yourself. Celebrate your uniqueness!

Sometimes, some things don’t work for us because we don’t have the details. Ensure you have a proper detail of what you want to get into. Stop being too casual about life (Hos. 4:6a). Be patient enough to learn the required details of what you’re into. Balance optimism with reality; faith with patience. Don’t try to climb the top from the top. Believe in excellence and work towards achieving it.


You also need to be trained in order to live well. Invest in whatever will make you succeed and excel in what you’re doing. What you don’t know can limit you – pay the price of knowing. Move with the right set of people that matters to the fulfilment of your destiny (David had learnt so much about playing well that he was sought after by the king – 1Sam.16: 17-19).

Don’t allow anyone make you lose your godliness (just like Samson). Don’t always try to fit into what others are doing; it is not wrong to be different. King Nebuchadnezzar wanted to change Daniel and his men to Babylonians by changing their names. He tried to dominate their lives; he wanted them to forget their godly heritage and to forget their God-given purpose and lifestyle in the name of being fit in the society. If you lose the purpose of a thing, you’ll definitely abuse it. So, don’t lose your purpose of existing. Be purpose-driven and not pleasure-driven.

Act in the understanding of who you are. Be original, don’t die a photocopy. When you remain in your place of originality, calamity will move away from you. To miss your place is to miss your life/destiny. Never take instruction from the crowd for your personal life. Stand wherever you are called to stand. Don’t miss your direction – the best car can never walk on the sea – locate your place. The King deceived 70 Jews in Babylon, but only Daniel and the other three stood their ground not to be defiled (Dan.1: 8). When you stand where you’re called, you shall naturally shine. Occupy your place in destiny in order to rise.


While trying to make things work, you must also have a strong faith level; the one that acts in a fearless and courageous way. David only had a sling and a stone to fight Goliath, but he has enough faith that surpasses that of all the armies of Israel. He had so much confidence that God would support him to overcome Goliath. He was fearless and courageous. Let the Word of God that you hear and read mix with faith in you. Even when you lose all, don’t lose your faith and courage. Let God’s Word build you up and make you strong. The devil is not threatened by what you hear or know, he is threatened by how much you believe (Mk.9: 23). Have good faith in God, so that things can work for you (Josh. 1:7).

Faith Is Three-Dimensional: Faith in God, Faith in your God-given potential and Faith in the people around you.Where you are is not a function of what you do. Position does not equal production; what guarantees your production is your faith and courage. There are times your faith is tested, but if you truly hold on to your faith, it will work for you.“When fear knocks at the door of your heart, let faith answer” – Anonymous.
Develop your faith in God’s Word. In David’s case, he believed that the sling and stone he had would work more than the whole armour on Goliath. Sometimes, we fail because we are not bold enough to dare success. The world gives way to courageous people. So, confront whatever issue is confronting you; don’t run from it.Royalty Christian Centre; Wisdom Arena, 1, Williams Estate, Opposite Vetland Grammar School, Agege, Lagos. 07082083554; 09090840593. Email:


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