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When God speaks


During the time of Isaiah, religious situation was confused. It was influenced by the political and economic situations of the time. At that time, the Lord was often thought of as just one god among many. It was a stormy and turbulent time; people lived in constant state of nervous tension.

There are numerous similarities between Nigerian culture and that of Isaiah’s time, as well as many similarities between the economic, political and religious circumstances of Judah in his time and those now prevailing in our nation.

Isaiah was sensitive to what was happening in his time. God used him to speak to the people of his time. God can equally use you to speak to this Nation.

More central to Isaiah’s prophecy is his message of the holiness of God. Whether people likes it or not, our God is exalted in justice, and manifests His holiness in righteousness (Isaiah 5:16). God’s holiness destroys all instruments of pride and self-sufficiency, which men and women of this present generation substitute for trust in God. Although the imminence of judgment was the fundamental note of Isaiah’s prophetic message, there was a message that a remnant would survive. So, beyond judgment, Isaiah looked forward to a restored Jerusalem. One day, Nigeria shall be restored, because when God speaks, there must be restoration.

God has given us hope. A careful study of Isaiah 43:19 reveals this truth, “Behold, I will do a new thing.” Isaiah 43:19 focuses on the time of consolation. It deals with the redemption of God’s people. As God’s people, we need to look up in the present and see that God is doing a new thing, preparing the road for a new exodus (Isaiah 43:19).

In the past, God had made way through the sea (Isaiah 43:16), but now God is making a well-watered way in the desert. As a Nation, as a Church, we may not see what God has done for us, unless we feel deeply our own insufficiency and need for Him. We cannot even see God’s miracle in our lives, unless we surrender our lives to Him. God promised not only to deliver the children of Israel out of Babylon, but to also conduct them safely and comfortably to their own land. God has promised to lead you to your Promised Land. He will lead your family to the Promised Land. He will lead this nation to the Promised Land. Despite what we are experiencing today, God is going to make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert for you. Your business might have experienced stagnation, your marital life might have been very bitter, your children might have become wayward and there is no hope for a better tomorrow. Let God speak to your situation. That sickness is no more going to be your portion any longer. Whatever man or woman has taken over from you; be it in the physical or spiritual world, it shall be returned back to you. But you need to listen to God and repent from your sins.

In Mark 1:14, we deduced that most of the people who heard Jesus’ message were oppressed, poor and those without hope. Jesus’ words were good news because they offered freedom, justice and hope. It is God’s words that can set us free.

Let us always listen to His words. Through God’s purpose of providence in the incarnation of His Son, let His promises be fulfilled in our lives. God knows those who are His. He is everywhere and anytime present where His providence is needed.

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