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When the lord hides you – Part 2


• No Evil Tongue Can Curse You

One of the greatest attacks of the evil one is the attack of tongues. May the Lord hide you from the strife of tongues (Psa 31:20.)

How the Lord actually hid Baruch and Jeremiah we are not told. In verse 19, the princes had advised them to hide themselves, and they did, very probably in a house of some of their friends. But this would not have been sufficient, had not the Lord took them under His protection. Surely, there was a special preservation for them, though by what means we do not know.

A theologian by the name Kimchi suggests that these messengers sought for them in many places, including the very place where they were, and could not find them and concludes that the Lord set darkness about them or weakened the visual faculty of those that searched for them, that they could not see them. Though a diligent search was made, the Lord did not permit them to be found. Indeed, we can see here the uselessness of a purely human effort, as well as the need for Divine intervention.

God doesn’t do mean miracles or special providences to the neglect of man’s prudence. We must cooperate with Him. (Isa 26:20) But when it is made evident that man can do little or nothing, then divine intervention appears. Hiding time is not just a safety time, but can also be a fruitful time. Jeremiah spent his hiding time to re-write the burnt scroll in a more powerful way. (Jer.36: 27-32) You also shall come out radiant.

A soldier missed his way, and as he was about to fall into the enemies’ hands, he ran for his dear life. A troop of about ten men pursued him. While running, he suddenly came across some holes big enough to hide a man. He hurriedly ran into one. He was already in it before he realised all his enemies needed to do was to check the holes and fish him out. He then began to pray to God for safety.

Suddenly, a spider came on top of his hole and began to make webs at its edge. He was disappointed, for he expected God to protect him with something far better than spider’s web. But he trusted God. When the enemies came around, they began to enter the holes one by one to search for him. But when they got to the hole where he was hiding, the leader of the team told his soldiers not to waste time going inside, because there was no way he could be inside a hole covered with spider’s web. God is still in the business of hiding His own.

You are safe in God’s shelter. I declare that when your hiding time is over, you shall come out radiant. Amen. Shalom.
Rev. Dr. Israel Kristilere, Shepherdhill Baptist Church, (Sanctuary of Grace & Glory), Baptist Academy Compound, Obanikoro, Lagos.
WhatsApp: 2348033052590.


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