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When your wife removes her wig



Many married men have different reasons for wanting to cheat on their wives, even when their wives are taking good care of them. Whether a woman meets all the qualities it takes to be the perfect wife, mother, lover and friend, some men will still want to cheat. This may sound funny, but one of the reasons some husbands have found their wives less satisfying is the way their wives look after removing wigs from their heads. Go to the church on Sundays, check out at weddings, birthday parties and other forms of social gatherings, check out females going to and from work, you will see a large number wearing beautiful looking wigs. Some are made of Brazilian hair, Egyptian hair and human hair, among the wigs currently in vogue. The Afro wig, which was popular many years ago, is back again and they look good on the average female. I started getting concerned about wigs, when some females who are my blood relatives came to my house after an outing and one of the first things they did was to remove their wigs so that they could have fresh air.

But the gap between the beauty and neatness on their natural hair was very wide compared with the sophistication, class and beauty the wig bestowed on them.

These relatives of mine are naturally very beautiful ladies without wearing wigs. But it is like they keep their hair very beautiful only when they decide not to wear wig for their outings that season. But it was like they left their hair completely untidy the weeks they decided to wear wig. The day they came to my house was their wig-wearing season and as usual, they decided to leave their hair completely unkempt. So, when they removed their wigs that day, they looked by far less beautiful. To be frank, one of them in particular looked ugly and strange whereas, she is a naturally very beautiful lady. As a marriage counselor, who knows that some men will want their wives to keep looking beautiful with or without the wig, I jokingly drew their attention to the great difference between their looks about some seconds ago and their current looks. They changed within seconds. My two biological daughters and all girls who have become part of my household have been brought up to be very conscious of the fact that whether they are wearing wigs or not, they should still keep their natural hair beautiful. Beauty attracts.


No matter how much your husband loves you, you still need to keep yourself beautiful. My wife calls it maintenance. You do not have to look beautiful only when your wig is on. You have to look beautiful and attractive to your husband when your wig is also. It does not make sense to look beautiful to outsiders in church and at parties, while your wig is on but look like a lady from Gibeon (who were cursed and condemned to be “hewers of wood and drawers of water”) (Joshua 9:21-27). This reminds me of a top immigration officer we featured on our television programme many years ago. Talking about how he met his wife, he said that he first saw her dancing to drop her offering in church and liked her immediately. After establishing a casual relationship with her, he decided to visit her in her family home early in the morning to see how she would look like without wigs. Well, he liked what he saw. May your husband likes what he sees when you are with or without the wig. Love you.

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