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When your wife talks too much


Charles Ighele

I do not intend using this article to insult females, never. In fact, one of the scriptures that has guided my life is 1Peter 3: 7, which says “husbands, likewise, dwell with them with understanding, giving honour to the wife as the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayer may not be hindered.” After I became born again, I made up my mind to build my marital relationship on this scripture with whomever I would marry. Just as I will never be mean to my wife, Carol because she is a female, so also I will never be mean to the entire womenfolk.

The title of this write-up should, therefore, not be interpreted from a wrong perspective. I love women and my desire is that males should protect and care enough for them. This, however, does not mean that I should shy away from the fact that women talk more than men. Women themselves know that they talk more than men. I have heard women say something like, “my husband talks too much. He talks like a woman.” Some people are known to have screamed at some men “Are you a woman? You talk too much!”

So, when your wife talks too much, you should not be angry, knowing full well that women talk more than men.


But the real point I want to hit at in this presentation is for all men to know that women are generally wired to talk more than men. Ah! Bishop, are you saying that God created women to be talkatives? Not at all. The few women who are talkatives were made so due to one situation or the other. It is a known fact that women see things in details, while men do not. It still amazes me how my wife and I would conduct or attend a wedding and my wife would ask me, “How do you like the colour of the suit the man wore?” I usually tell her that I did not notice the colour of the man’s suit.

This personal example, which I know many couples also identify with, goes to show that women see more details than men. When a woman enters a living room, she sees the chairs, the window blinds, and the decoration in their colours and in details. All the man sees is a beautiful living room. Now, the ability of the woman to see in details was wired, as a way of fulfilling her personal destiny and also as a way to be a helper to her husband. If, therefore, the woman sees things in details, it is also expected that she should talk in details. Since the volume of information that enters the woman and the speed at which she absorbs the information is more than that of the man, expectedly more words, more talks, more communication should come out of the woman.

In most cases, when a couple visits another couple and it’s time to go home, the wives are normally the last to discontinue their conversation because they have so many things to say to each other. When, therefore, during the next disagreement with your wife and she talks more than you, just relax and get amused at the diversity of God’s creation. Avoid telling her “you talk too much.” Allow her to talk. Try to make some sense out of what you may think is nonsense. And please women; do not also be angry, when your husband talks less. Love you.

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