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While men slept – Part 6



Text: Job 7:13-16

The Mystery Of Evil Dream
Job’s expectation from our Bible passage was to get comfort and rest from sleep after the day’s troubles, but the contrary was the case. This is the experience of so many people today and so, they find life meaningless. Whenever they close their eyes to sleep, they go through attacks like being pursued by men and animals, pressed down by men, having sex, injected or fed in the dream and so on. A lady had a dream of breastfeeding a baby and bitten by the baby. When she woke up, she felt pains on the nipple of that breast, but thought it was a mere dream and so did nothing about it. One month later, she noticed a swelling on that breast and on the medical investigation, it was diagnosed to be cancer. The breast was cut off. These are the mysteries of evil dreams. Her case was satanic programming. There are three kinds of dreams: the first is a business dream, which comes from the multitude of activities you had for the day. It is normal, although it can become evil if unusually repeated. If you watch a horror movie for instance, and you repeatedly dream of it, the devil can use it as an access point into your life. The second kind of dream is Godly dream when God speaks to His children (Job 33:15-16) and the third is an evil dream. Your dream tells a lot about your past, present and future situation in life. This is why you must not take it with levity. It is, therefore, important to identify what these evil dreams are.


The first of them is having a “look-alike” in the dream. This means you have a spiritual twin who comes to take your place and what belongs to you. A lady read one of my books “Reclaim Your Destiny” and ran down immediately for deliverance. Her story was that on several occasions, her husband would claim to have discussed with her, certain issues that she knew nothing about. When she read my book, she got to know that she had a spiritual twin that manifested physically to her husband unknown to him. After the deliverance, she was set free. For such victims, the twin can go ahead to take what belongs to the person, causing him or her to suffer disappointments in life. I pray for you, whosoever is representing you as a twin in the spirit realm, may they catch fire in Jesus name.

Another kind of evil dream is when you are being fed in the dream. I preached in a crusade sometime ago when a lady, hit by the anointing, started confessing that her mission was to cook and feed people in the dream.
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These are demonic caterers. They can use your face to cook for yourself, so you can be relaxed about it or even use your face to cook for others and be accused of being a witch. Whosoever is using your face to cook for others, I unmask them in Jesus name. Some of the reasons they want to feed you are to initiate you into witchcraft or marine world. During some of our children deliverance programmes, we discover that some children fall victim to this when given sweets and other delicacies in the dream. Another reason is to poison the victim and you wake up feeling sick. This is the origin of strange affliction that defy medical remedies. Again, it is to weaken your spiritual life so you can’t pray, fast or even study the Word. One can also be fed in the dream to stop his or her breakthrough. This happens at the edge of your expectation. Some people experience a reoccurrence of a particular dream whenever something good is about to happen to them. A lady said that whenever she got pregnant, she would dream of someone showing her blood-stained menstrual pad and that would be the end of that pregnancy, after five years of being married until she met me for deliverance. The third example of the evil dream is being injected or given drugs in the dream. This keeps the victim perpetually sick. I preached in a Church somewhere, when God told me that He had just healed someone of a seven-year HIV infection. I was later told it was the Pastor’s wife and it was a spiritual case, as the man never had any trace of it, in spite of their contacts.

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Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
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