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Why relationship fails: Dishonour – Part 2

By Solomon Julius Ojigiri
16 May 2021   |   2:52 am
The truth is that many courtships have failed to end in holy wedlock because of the hydra-headed monster called dishonour. Many marriages have hit the rock or end in divorce because of dishonour

Solomon Ojigiri

Last week, we started looking at the subject of dishonour and how it affects our relationships.

The truth is that many courtships have failed to end in holy wedlock because of the hydra-headed monster called dishonour. Many marriages have hit the rock or end in divorce because of dishonour. We cannot explain how many have lost their jobs or several opportunities as a result of dishonour. One of the greatest favours we can do for ourselves is to learn more about the subject of honour.

According to Dr. Mike Murdock, our failures or success in life can always be traced to the people we have chosen to honour in our lives. There is favour that we enjoy simply because we walk in honour. Some doors are automatically closed against us because of dishonour. We read in the Bible, the Word of God, how Queen Vashti lost her exalted position because she dishonoured her husband, King Ahasuerus and she was replaced by Queen Esther. We also read how Queen Esther delivered herself and the entire Jews in her generation from death by her honour. She honoured the King with banquets until the king was compelled by her honour to reward her. Honour will always be rewarded. You must learn to honour everyone but more importantly your fiance, fiancee, especially your wife or husband.

The more you embrace the subject of honour, the better your relationship becomes. We must honour our Pastors enough to obey their instructions and take their counsels seriously. 1 Thessalonians 5.12,13 says that we must esteem our Pastors very highly in love because of the roles they play in our lives and because they are accountable to God. We must honour God enough to obey His Word. We also honour men and women of God because we honour the God that called them. There are so many things we do not because we are fools or stupid but because we honour God. We cannot go about the subject of a relationship without paying attention to the Word of God if we truly honour God. We must also honour our parents by paying attention to their words. Honouring our biological or spiritual parents releases uncommon blessing and favour on our lives.

Particularly, it helps our relationships to become enviable relationship. Honour naturally attracts the harvest of honour to our lives. The relationship cannot work when we choose not to reciprocate the honour we enjoy from our partners. Some people find it difficult to honour their partners because of ignorance, some because they are very proud and full of themselves. Some do this because of bad influence from their friends and some because they are not properly taught. There are some who are easily carried away by their qualifications or certificates, some because of their influential backgrounds, the status of their parents or because they have better jobs or because they are better paid.

No matter how better advantaged you are, we must learn to honour our partners as an expression of love and good character. There are several ways to honour our partners, be it in courtship or in marriage. There are actions that many erroneously see as White man’s culture, but they are simply acts of honour.

For instance, taking your wife to a restaurant and pulling out the chair for her to sit or opening the door of the car for her are acts of honour. Some only open their car doors for the woman, if the door of the car is bad or faulty. Some also do all that to woo the lady in courtship before they are married, forgetting that they need to do much more after they are joined together as husband and wife. Personally, I do not really think any man should expect the woman to kneel down for him, but some women do so to honour their husbands. It is germane to say at this juncture that honour is not something you force your partner to do, just as it is not something you have to compel your partner to do, simply because you see others doing it.

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