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Why relationship fails – Part 4


Solomon Ojigiri

Some would rather follow their customs and traditions than following the word of God. According to the Mathew account of this same passage, the one who chose to follow God’s word and built on what God says was called a wise man, while the one who has no regard for the word of God was called the foolish builder.

It is germane to note that our disposition towards the instruction of God’s word in our bid or quest to start a relationship with anyone will reveal so much about who we are and determines the future of that relationship.


Anyone who will choose to compromise his or her belief or faith in the word of God because of you is not someone to consider for a relationship. Just like I once said that anyone who will be at his or her parent because of you in the name of his or her passionate love for you is not someone to be considered for a relationship, the truth is that he or she will eventually beat your parent and even beat you up as well.

Let me quickly share some thoughts with you about the foundation and how it applies to our relationships.

• Foundations reveal the expertise or the skills and sometimes the ignorance of the builder.

• Foundation is usually hidden and not usually attractive, that is why it has to do with seasons of preparations, building, or developing Godly character. The quality time spent in the place of prayers and developing your relationship with God and even the time you take out to make inquiries on the one you are considering to start a relationship with.


• Foundation usually takes time, it is painstaking and very expensive. It is not advisable to rush.

• Foundation determines the strength and height of the structure.

• Foundation determines the durability of the building.

• Most of the structural defects of buildings are usually traceable to the foundation.
We need to pay attention to our foundation for the following reasons

• So that we can beware of love at first sight, usually it is called infatuation it is not real love


• So that we will not be a victim of marrying a stranger as I readily warned in my book “Ten Men and Ladies you must never marry”

• So that you will not rush into any relationship or else you may need to rush out eventually

• So that you will not get committed to someone who you are not sure of his or her salvation

• So that you will not be carried away by mere looks and outward appearance which are usually subject to change


• So that you will spend quality time to investigate people and discover the kind of people they are, especially their character because the character is power

• Since we are sure that every marriage shall be eventually subjected to the test of time, it is always good for us to build on a solid foundation so that our marriage can stand the test of time.

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