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You are called to be a thousand times more

By Rev. Theodore Effiong
16 December 2018   |   4:07 am
As the year comes to a close, a lot of people will take stock of their achievements and would possibly blame themselves for the little they reached compared to extent they should have gone.

Rev. Theodore Effiong

As the year comes to a close, a lot of people will take stock of their achievements and would possibly blame themselves for the little they reached compared to extent they should have gone. Most of us think that achieving a hundred-fold increase is too much, when actually God has promised us a thousand times increase. We pray for a double portion of God’s anointing to come on us, (2 Kings 2:9), whereas God’s plan for us is the seven-fold anointing. Isa. 11:2.

Moses had the capacity to carry much of God’s power within him. At a point, after complaining that the workload was too much, God instructed Moses to present seventy elders for impartation. God then took some of the spirit that was on Moses and released small portions to these seventy men. As these small portions fell upon these men, all of them miraculously began to prophesy at the same time. Yet, God did not drain Moses completely of the effects of that new spiritual dimension in his life. He still continued to operate with a tremendous presence of God’s Spirit upon his life.

Actually, Moses was not born that way, but he acquired it as a result of his established relationship with God. Hence, you too must believe God to increase your own capacity even a thousand times more. To be spiritually equipped, Moses would wake up very early every morning and spend hours hearing from and conversing with God. It is all about capacity.

Even at one hundred and twenty years of age, his eyes were not dim neither was his natural strength diminished. Spiritually, it is natural for us to increase and unnatural to decrease and God kills anything that does not increase, as he did to the fig tree in Luke 13:6-9. The man who buried the one talent was also “buried” by the Lord.

There are so many areas of life we need to increase in. Scientists tell us we use only about 10% of our brain cells, while 90% remain dormant, untapped and unexplored. No wonder Smith Wigglesworth was fond of saying: “I am a thousand times bigger on the inside than what you see on the outside.”

Just think of the areas you need to increase: Wisdom, understanding, knowledge, insight, foresight, revelation, inspiration, health, skill, intellectual prowess, possessions, wealth, investments, assets, relationships, communication, faith, anointing, boldness, love, peace, joy, longsuffering, patience, goodness, kindness, meekness, self-control, tolerance, giving, obedience, submission, honesty, accountability, physical fitness, creativity, durability, persistence, prayer, holiness, social status, morality, honour, praise, recognition, fear of the Lord, temperance, gentleness, marital excellence, faithfulness, generosity, forgiveness, Christlikeness, zeal, time management, hearing from God, favour, grace, fasting, evangelism, soul-winning, administration, worship, meditation, contentment, glory, Scriptures, good works, doctrine, ministry, diligence, mercy, sincerity, servant-hood, watchfulness, Kingdom connections and mindedness, authority, simplicity, etc.

Spiritually, as these examples listed above show, there are so many areas in our lives we need to grow, and we must have to take God by His Word, for He says we are to become a thousand times greater than what we are now. As believers, we should take hold of this promise now and go all out for it.

Jesus Was More Than One Thousand Times More
Jesus was more than a thousand times more productive than any human being and He is our Model, our Forerunner and Pacesetter. In a long distance race, there is usually a pacesetter, whose purpose is to set a very fast pace and he may not even complete the race. After a few laps or miles, he will pull out, expecting that the rest of the pack will maintain the pace he has set. In our spiritual lives, that is what Christ did for us. He “ran” the race for three and half years and then pulled out.

In my spiritual journey, on account of my strong belief that the Lord in Whom I faithfully believe is able to do unto me exceedingly and abundantly above all that I ask Him or think, according to His power that mightily works in me, I can happily say (and you too can), that with God on my side, I am too loaded to be abandoned. I am too rich to be poor. I am too healthy to be sick. I am too favoured to be frustrated. I am too connected to be rejected. I am too explosive to be ignored. I am too blessed to be cursed. In fact, you are too dynamic to be discarded, too important to be sidelined or ignored. In football competitions, no defender that is effective in tackling strikers can be dropped. No goalkeeper that is constantly saving goals can be substituted. No striker that is scoring goals upon goals can be made to sit on the bench and no manager that is constantly winning trophies and titles can be sacked. God bless you.
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