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Your eyes must see your result


Whenever God speaks His word, He is always ready to bring His word to pass. He is not a man who should lie neither a son of man who should repent. He honours His word more than His name. So, whatever, God has spoken concerning you, He will bring to pass.

There was an old man in Israel named Simeon. The Holy Ghost said to him that his eyes would not see death until he sees the birth of Jesus Christ. And Simeon was waiting for the fulfilment of the prophecy.

I prophesy to you that your eyes will see the fulfilment of every prophecy spoken concerning you in 2019 in Jesus’ name. Your eyes will see the destiny of your family change and your eyes will see your prosperity and greatness in Jesus’ name. Some of us admire successful people, forgetting that those you see that are successful didn’t just succeed on emergency. They prepared for it. You need to prepare yourself in this New Year. Tell yourself ‘No Carry Over.’


Simeon saw how God’s people were being intimidated, harassed, shamed, kidnapped and put in bondage and he has been praying concerning it. So, Holy Ghost spoke to him as a result of his prayers for God’s people. Let me tell you something, never judge a man by what people are saying about him. Don’t let people poison your mind against another person. Have a clear and open mind.

Don’t bear a grudge because people who do so don’t prosper. Everybody was waiting for Simeon, but they didn’t know what God revealed to him. Don’t judge a Man Of God by what people are saying about him, because you don’t know the assignment God gave him. His assignment might be different from yours. The most important thing is that we are doing the right thing and we are doing it for God.

After a week that Jesus was born, He was taken into the temple and Simeon also came into the temple, as led by the spirit. And when Simeon saw the child, he took Him up in his arms and said, “O Lord, let your servant depart in peace for my eyes has seen the salvation which you promised your people.” Say this: “I will not die until I fulfil my destiny.” If you choose to die like that, you are a fool.

As Simeon was making statements about the baby, Joseph and Mary marvelled at the things he said. Some of you don’t know what you carry. In this year 2019, what you carry will explode and take you to places. Mary the mother of Jesus didn’t have full understanding of what she was carrying, otherwise, she would have jumped up and said AMEN to the things Simeon said.

My prayer is that your eyes will see your results in Jesus name. Do you know that some people will go through hard labour and when it’s time to enjoy the fruits of their labour, they will die. I prophesy that your eyes will see your results in Jesus name. If Simeon at his age saw result, brothers and sisters your age doesn’t matter. Because in life, age doesn’t matter, what matters is STAGE. No matter the stage you are, God is putting a smile on your face. If Simeon was able to see salvation enter Israel, you will see prosperity enter your family.

If Mary was carrying what she didn’t know, and that thing exposed her and her name is reigning all over the world, I prophesy that the thing you are carrying will expose you in 2019, and you will see great results in Jesus name and your testimony will be complete. God bless you.
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