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Ignore them


No doubt, there are many things in life that one must pay attention to if one is going to succeed in life.

On the other hand, there are also some things or even persons you have to learn to ignore if you are going to triumph in life. The wisdom to know the difference should be our prayer daily. You may not fully agree with me, but there are people that you need not let them continue to influence you if you are serious about making heaven or serious about succeeding in life. May you have the wisdom and the courage to ignore such persons. I noticed this recently when reading the story of Zacchaeus, a man many had written off as unrighteousness and wicked, who should never come near the Kingdom of God. When he decided to turn a new leaf, some things happened to him in the process.


In our text, I saw that he had to scale through the hurdles of men to receive his salvation. (7-8) According to the Bible, there were complainers, who judged him undeserving of his miracle. As I picture the scene in the scripture, I saw that he had to ignore the complainers to receive his salvation. If you also will succeed in life, live a righteous life and make heaven, you must learn to ignore such people.

People To Ignore: As you go through the journey of faith in life, there are three major categories of people you must learn to ignore. These are:

• The Discouragers – These are people who speak words or show you signs that what you desire to do cannot be done. They specialise in making you see reasons why your goals cannot be achieved. So, you must learn to ignore them.


• The Despisers – These are people who do not only discourage you but also speak words to get you depressed, belittle what you are doing and make a mockery of your efforts. (Neh. 2:18-19, 4:3-4) Most of the time, they make you feel unworthy and incapable. You must learn to ignore them.

• The Haters – When they discourage and despise you and they fail, the next action they take is to hate you. If you will focus on those who hate you, you will never make progress in life. If you take to heart every word people speak against you, either publicly or secretly, you may never make any meaningful progress in life. So ignore them. No matter their strategy, your only way out is to ignore them. But kindly note that ignoring them does not mean hating them. Ignoring them does not mean you abuse them, but just don’t let them affect you with what they say or do. Just ignore them. You must take control and do not let them control you. Just ignore them. Remain focused. When your rewards come, they will have no option but to celebrate with you. Shalom.


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