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 In 2020 my healing has begun


When we talk about healing, we are talking about perfect restoration. I want you to know that no matter the level of your wrongs, God still loves you unconditionally. He is the same God yesterday, today and forever. Jeremiah 30:16-17: “Therefore, all who devour you will be devoured; and all your adversaries, every one of them, will go into captivity. And they who despoil you will become a spoil, and all who prey upon you will I give for a prey.

[17] For I will restore health to you, and I will heal your wounds, says the Lord, because they have called you an outcast, saying, This is Zion, whom no one seeks after and for whom no one cares! God’s jealousy is aroused against those who despise His people and speak ill of them. It is one thing for a father to chasten his boy, but if, when he is out in the streets, a stranger begins to kick him, his father declares that it shall not be. He arouses himself to defend his child, the same child that just now he smote so heavily. That is a fair analogy to the case of our God. He will chasten His people in measure, but the moment their enemies call them outcasts, He turns His anger another way and releases His people. Oh, how blessedly does good come out of evil! How graciously He causes the wrath of man to praise Him. He restores health to Zion, and heals her wounds because she is called an outcast.

In this year 2020, God can humble your enemies and cause them to bow down before you because right before their eyes, He will heal you and give you all round restoration. But all this won’t happen, if you don’t recognise Him as God in your life. Serve Him whole-heartedly and you’ll see that God rewards those who diligently seek Him. He’ll perfect your health, your job and business, your family and all that’s connected to you.Join us every Sunday and every first Friday of the month. Come and experience amazing prophetic encounter to unlock every closed doors. In Rhema no shaking!

• Prophet Dr. Anene Nwachukwu (Oracle of God). Rhema Deliverance Mission int’l. Inc. Rhema International Prophetic Centre Lasu-Igando Road, Church Pole Bus Stop, Beside Iba Police Station, Iba Lagos. 08057083665.  

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