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In time like this

By Prophet O. Azuka
12 April 2020   |   3:08 am
The time we are in is perilous. This is a dangerous time! It is a time of betrayal when people will not be persuaded to abide and follow God’s Word. This is an era of falsehood and deliberate deviation

Prophet O. Azuka

Text: 1 TIMOTHY 4:1-2

The time we are in is perilous. This is a dangerous time! It is a time of betrayal when people will not be persuaded to abide and follow God’s Word. This is an era of falsehood and deliberate deviation from the eternal truth of God’s Word that liberates souls. It may not be a surprise to readers of this piece; it is the fulfilment of the scriptures! The Bible has already predicted their character and lifestyle because their ‘conscience is seared with a hot iron’ of destruction. Ever learning, but not being able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

There are many oppositions of God’s Word, even in the church of Christ. These opposers of God’s Word in the guise of religious leaders have encouraged and allowed the Jezebels of this world to creep into the house of God and seduce innocent souls. These women have enthroned themselves in the house of God under the watch of a minister of God and are causing havoc to precious souls.

The gist of the above text describes the condition of the church and the ministers. When a minister has fallen into the bed of immorality, he speaks the truth in hypocrisy and damnable heresies. The message of such preachers encourages sinners in their sins because they have no boldness anymore to preach and stand by the truth. People are deceived by their lying wonders called miracles (Rev. 13:11-16). They can go to any length to seek and get false powers from the devil to deceive the world. 

It pains the Almighty God that the world is deluded by these pastors and prophetesses. How can a minister of God, who has divorced his first wife and married another strange woman, stand on God’s pulpit and perform signs and wonders and people still believe him? Or a prophetess with mermaid hair and differently painted fingernails stand to proclaim God’s Word? The consolation is that they cannot escape the judgment of God! The spiritual standard of a Christian and a minister of God are expected to be high. His moral life should stand out to preach and point sinners to the Calvary. A minister that has messed up with ladies in his church cannot boldly preach the sound word of God and bring sinners to Him. This is one of the reasons immorality thrives unchecked in the house of God today.

Our present-day Christianity has lost its flavour and contents. There is no righteousness among Christians. Some believers do not have the moral conscience to stand and defend the gospel because their hands are not clean. They have involved themselves in heinous acts that punctured their innocence so that they cannot stand boldly to preach the word of God in the public without being accused. Even when they do, it won’t produce any result in the end.

It is sad to learn that some Christians have become like Cain in the Bible because of their lifestyle. It is no longer news that brothers in the church don’t engage in business transactions because of insincerity and fraudulence. Any Christian that defrauds or cheats his brother has automatically become Cain and Balaam. His way is perverse. Such a Christian is already cursed in all his ways and can never succeed until he returns to God in repentance and restitution. The form of today’s Christianity is an embarrassment to God and His Word.

True Christians should be careful in these last days. Caution should be a guiding principle, especially with some preachers, who do not care about the souls of their congregation. They do not bother where they will spend eternity, least of all their followers. 

In the final analysis, believers should be careful who they listen to in this perilous time, as some men have no faith (1 John 4:1-4; Isaiah 28:9-10). 

For further reading: Proverb 6:23-33; 2Pt.2: 2; Rev. 13:11-16

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