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Jesus is God to be worshipped



Last week, we concluded with the truth that Jesus is Lord, the Lord of all. This simply means that He is God (for the Lord is God – 1Kgs 18:39, John 20:28) and so, is to be worshipped. God has not only revealed Himself as the Lord of all, but also and primarily as God to be worshipped. So, He should be sought for the purpose of worshipping Him, instead of just to be helped by Him as many people do. God’s call to man is that man will worship Him, and it is on this that His relationship with man is based. It is man’s duty to worship God. The people of God constitute a worshipping community and wherever they are, becomes a worshipping place.

Worshipping God is acknowledging the worship of God and glorifying Him by the renewal of our lives. It is giving the worthiest to the Most Worthy. Worship is not, as often presumed, about us. It is not about being frenzied or feeling “worshipful” or displaying our culture or promoting our music, but about reflecting the glory of God. Many times, we focus on the externals – looking for ways to satisfy our wants, our desires, our felt needs and ecstasy. Churches sense a lack of life and participation in their services or worship sessions and so, try many different ways to improve and revive their worship—new methods, new formats, new styles of music, This is not really bad. But, worship is, actually, about God.


Worship is about knowing, serving and communing with the one true God in the provision He has made for us to draw near to Him by the Person and work of Jesus Christ. It is acknowledging God’s presence, expressing our love and devotion to Him and submitting our lives to His Word. If our worship is to be vital and alive, and not just observing customs and going through motions and emotions, we need most of all to know the God of the Bible and trust Him for life and salvation. And we must know Him rightly, not as we imagine Him to be, but as He has revealed Himself to us in His Word. If we desire God’s presence in our midst, we must know Him, honour His name and worship Him as He has commanded. God and His Word, not us and our preferences must be our primary focus as we worship God. If we are to rightly give God the worship as is due to Him, it is essential that we know him – Know his character, attributes, acts, power, promises, plan of redemption, commandments and will – His Word!

Easter draws our attention to the powerful loving God and what He’s worth. Our witnessing the mighty works of God (what He has done in raising Jesus from death and is doing in our lives) should compel us to adore and obey Him. He who raised the Lord Jesus from death and still does mighty works, which we witness, deserves our worship, love and obedience. We need to worship and submit to Him. The Lord’s continued mighty deeds in and around us need to be personally appreciated. The lessons from life experience, past and present, and the glimpses into the future give us many opportunities to strengthen our faith in God and worship him.

The Lord is God to be worshipped.

The Venerable Dr Princewill Onyinyechukwu Ireoba, FIMC, CMC, is the Rector, Ibru International Ecumenical Centre, Agbarha-Otor, Delta State.,


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