Tuesday, 5th December 2023
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Kartik Sehrawat’s ‘Dawai Shche’ reaches 100k+ YouTube views in 36 hours

Multilingual singer-songwriter Kartik Sehrawat has released his third single, Давай ще (Dawai Shche), written and sung in Ukrainian.

Kartik Sehrawat

Multilingual singer-songwriter Kartik Sehrawat has released his third single, Давай ще (Dawai Shche), written and sung in Ukrainian.

The track is part of a project that will see Sehrawat writing and performing songs in languages from all corners of the world.

The multilingual singer’s third single song combines Indian music with the Ukrainian language.

Since its release on August 12, Dawai Shche has accumulated over 100k views and counting. The love song is centred on the story of a Ukrainian woman and an Indian man who learn about each other’s cultures and languages.

Dawai Shche follows on from Sehrawat’s first two tracks, written in both Punjabi and English.

Combining the singer’s lifelong love of music and travel, the multilingual project will feature songs in approximately 42 of the most widely spoken languages across the globe.

Born in Delhi, India on October 18, 2000, he left his native city in 2020 and currently lives in Magdeburg, Germany.

Set in and around Berlin and featuring landmarks such as the Reichstag Building, Dawai Shche features Odessa-born actress Julia Samson and is directed by Heiko Aufdermauer of Silentfilm Filmproduktion.

The Berlin-based film company has created music videos for award-winning artists, as well as documentaries and feature films including the lauded production Zeit Der Fische starring Hans Schuler.

Sehrawat’s musical career exploded after his first song, Maardi Ae Goli, sung in Punjabi, went viral.

Punjabi music is the most popular in India, appearing in most Bollywood films, with a mainstream, global following due to its ability to cross language barriers.

Within one month of its release in June 2022, Maardi Ae Goli amassed over 125,000 views on YouTube.

To date, he has 123k followers on Instagram—a number which is steadily increasing. Sehrawat remains motivated by the influx of positive feedback he receives on social media. So far he has seen no negative comments, and tries to respond to as many fans as possible.

Combined with the total airplay on SoundCloud, his songs have been played more than 1m times.

The viral success of his debut song initially took Sehrawat by surprise. His interest in music and technology led him to create just one track as an experiment and distributed the song online to immediate recognition.

What started as a hobby soon developed into something much bigger as his fanbase continued to grow, and the success of his first song encouraged him to take his career to the next level.

Inspired by the wealth of languages in Europe, he soon realised that he could speak to people across the globe by using his natural talent for learning new languages.

Sehrawat is keen for people to relate to his music wherever in the world they are based, and this inclusive approach has been met with acclamation.

As one of his favourite countries in Europe, he wanted to release a song in Ukrainian even before singing in his mother tongue, Haryanvi.

He reveals that he will write his next song in German, with a track sung in Haryanvi coming soon afterwards.

The video was originally intended to be set in a chalet among the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains of Saxony. However, shortly before filming in June this year, a wildfire broke out in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, leading to a mass evacuation of the area.

Hundreds of acres of forest were destroyed in the blaze, which forced the production team to quickly change plans, rewrite the script and relocate to another part of Germany.

Fans can expect Sehrawat to continue writing multinational songs for the forseeable future. A firm believer in finishing what he has started, he says: “Never leave a task incomplete—you never know how it’s going to finish.”

Once he has released another 10-12 tracks, Sehrawat plans to take his music on tour.

Listen to Dawai Shche on his YouTube channel – Kartik Sehrawat official and he can also be reached on Instagram @kartik_sehrawat_official.

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