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Kayode Leads Global Team To Produce Nigeria’s First Animation


Turtle Taido

Producer, The Turtle Taido Team, Muyiwa Kayode; Animation Director, Don Morgan and Artie Romero and Project Manager, Gretchen Piper

Culture is perhaps the most important element of a people’s identity. However, there is gradual erosion of culture the way children are being raised, with most of them in the urban areas unable to connect with cultural values.

This is the thought of the creator and executive producer of a Nigerian animated cartoon series, Adventures of Turtle Taido, Muyiwa Kayode.

The series is about the adventures of a super-powered, bubbly turtle, Taido, who travels to all the cities across Nigeria in search of knowledge and adventure. Through his journey, he forms incredible friendships with characters of all backgrounds, and learns about the rich cultural attributes.

Turtle Taido reinforces the message that the more we learn and understand other people’s cultures the more respect and tolerance we have for diversity.

This concept is so important to teach young ones in light of what is going on in the world. According to Kayode, “The programme is developed for children aged 13 to11 years and it can will also be enjoyed by people of all ages, because of its entertaining and educative content.

The programme also promises good viewing quality as a global team of more than 50 people drawn from Nigeria, Europe and America are working on the 2D series, which is being produced in 4K resolution, the highest standard available in the world today.”

The series is produced with support from the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Project ACT Nollywood Programme and endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation.

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