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Keep the fire burning


Having completed 21-day fasting and praying programme in Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, it behooves partakers of God’s presence and glory to sustain the fire received from God during the programme. Caution should be applied not to lose what was received. No room should be given to careless living.

The reason many churches are dwindling today is because there is no fire of God burning among the congregation. The fire has been quenched! God’s fire is required in Christian assemblies to retain God’s presence as it burns every debris and chaff; it also sends the devil packing. Why people do not fear God today is because there is no fire of God again, as it was in the Bible days. Even leaders have messed up God’s presence and drove the fire of God away. During the time of Moses and prophets of old, worshippers treaded God’s presence with fear and awesome reverence. They were conscious of God’s presence and did everything possible to preserve it.

The warning to every child of God who fears God and strives to obey Him is to keep the fire burning. This calls for personal examination to purge oneself of anything that will quench the fire. Little sins, as people call it, can quench God’s fire! Satan will never relent efforts to ensure he extinguishes the fire. Be on guard because the devil will introduce sin to you such as ‘it doesn’t matter’ syndrome; carelessness; worldliness, such as earrings, perming, artificial fingernails, lipsticks and other devil’s property.


A believer that has the fire of God cannot slide into worldliness. He cannot live in sin because the fire of God produces righteousness and makes the possessor a proclaimer of God’s word. 

In today’s churches, witches and wizards take preeminence and operate unhindered because coldness has crept in and replaced the fire of God. Unfortunately too, some Christians have turned the church of God into brothel and clubhouses, where ‘Jezebels’ are selected as ushers to seduce worshippers. A real child of God should not be in such gathering! Be warned! Little wonder so-called Christians tremble before the world and diseases because no fire in them, as unrighteousness reigns supreme in their lives.

As we approach the Lord’s coming, Christians should be very careful and selective of where they go to worship. The Bible warned that some of them have forms of godliness, but denies the power thereof and cautions that believers should run away. It means we should not have anything to do with abusers and haters of God’s word, who by their actions and ungodly practices, deny God.


It is saddening that doors of churches are closed today because of mere Coronavirus, and nobody can rise up with power of prayer and holiness to send the disease packing. This could not happen during the time of John G. Lake and other holy saints of God! They were “red hot” Christians and would not take ‘no’ for an answer. They brought succour and hope to their generations. Tearfully, we lack these ‘red hot’ Christians that can confront and devour Satan’s territory because of lack of fire occasioned by sinful lifestyle. Oh, that God would raise greater than John G. Lake in our midst that can raise a red flag against the devil today! We need men like this that are not greedy of filthy lucre, but are ready to preach the word of repentance to the dying world pungently. Unfortunately, theological certificates have replaced the holy fire of God and have become a mark of recognition and respect among ministers. 

These ministers sing the praises of politicians and go to government houses to collect fat envelopes, rather than preaching repentance to them. They are political ministers without any iota of God’s fire!

We can get it right again. Rise up and purge yourself of all filthiness and put on the fire of God. Do not quench it by your ungodly lifestyle.
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