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 Keep yourself pure


The message of purity is sacrosanct and applies to every believer. It is the life a child of God is called to live. One of the reasons Satan gets hold of some people is due to lack of purity.

Upon acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Saviour, a new walk of purity with God begins. The message of purity is for Christians and a Christian does not mean mere attendance of church services and programmes. It transcends that; a Christian is someone who consciously recognised his wretchedness as a sinner and came to the Lord with humility for salvation. He is washed with the blood of Jesus Christ and lives victoriously over sin on daily basis.

The message of purity is not for sinners but for believers. What a sinner needs is repentance from sins and from all unrighteousness. A sinner is corrupt and has no clear conscience. He is a replica of the devil until he/she comes to the Lord for salvation. He tells lies and lives in all forms of atrocities. A sinner trembles at the roaring of the devil because he is afraid and has no security. Conversely, any Christian who lives in fears and anxiety should examine his life, whether his experience of salvation is intact.


Nobody does God favour by living in purity. Purity is for believer’s security because no power can touch a believer that lives in holiness. Holiness attracts God’s favour and blessings, and that is why every believer should endeavour by all means to live in purity. It is the responsibility of a Christian to keep himself pure. It is not God that will do it for anybody. Purity protects from the fiery darts of the enemy; it keeps you from the noisome pestilences and diseases; it keeps a believer from the devouring paws of the wicked.

A Christian who lives in purity is never afraid of evil reports because he is immune from the roaring and threats of the wicked. A pure believer is the delight of the Lord. Little wonder that our world is terrified today because there is no righteousness. Devil threatens their very existence at will and put them on the run because he knows how porous and unprotected they are. The world is a ready ‘meat’ for the devil and he sends them to hell whenever he chooses to do so.

Purity gives uncommon boldness to believers and that informs the reason why every believer should strive to be holy. Purity is the nature of God (Rev. 1:12-14; Daniel 7:9). Apart from the earthly gains purity attracts, it is believers’ passport to heaven. Without holiness, no eye shall see the Lord. 

The walk to purity begins at salvation. As a sinner, you can start afresh today. Consider it wise to come to Jesus Christ. The defeat and sorrow you encounter in your life is as a result of absence of purity. 

Don’t make yourself an easy ride for the devil! Come to Jesus and lay your sins at the altar.For further reading: Rom.6: 23; 5:12; 3.23,10-18;Acts 9:1-6,17,18; Phil. 3:5-9; ROM. 10:9-10; John 3:3; 2Pt.1: 3-4. 

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