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Kolade: Relations between government and Oyo traditional rulers cordial


Bimbo Kolade

Oyo State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Mr. Bimbo Kolade, told Palace Watch what the state government is doing to sustain relationship between government and the traditional institution.

What is the relationship between your government and the traditional institution?

Oyo State government is acting strictly in accordance with the statutory allocations to local government from the federation account that provides that five percent of the revenue from the Federation Account be set aside for the traditional rulers.


It is out of this money, the salaries and other allowances due to the traditional rulers are paid. This is a thing of the law and we make sure it is obeyed.

The traditional rulers within the state are paid regularly and generally in Oyo State, our traditional rulers are fairly treated, and they have not been complaining as far as I know.

Because of the way we treat our traditional rulers, they have generally been cooperating with the state government in all that we do.

They have been playing their statutory roles very well, helping government to maintain peace within their domains.

They have been working and cooperating with the state government, this we are very happy about.

On maintaining peace in their domains, there has not been anything too serious especially as it relates with herdsmen.

The Oyo State Government has initiated what is to be known as the ‘Peace Committee’ in each of the local government councils in the state.

This body is to meet minimum twice a month and the Peace Committee is made up of farmers, herdsmen representatives in the state, the Nigerian Police and other members of all relevant security agencies that operate in the Local Government Areas in Oyo State.

They all meet with our traditional rulers, who are within those domains to resolve issues when they arose.


This particular approach has helped to a large extent, in helping to mitigate all the security problems in the state, hence, the peace we are enjoying in this part of the country.

Traditional rulers are supposed to be apolitical, but some of them have been very active in politics, to what extent has this affected the relationship with government?

As far as the Oyo state government is concerned, we see traditional rulers as the custodians of our culture and tradition.

We really don’t have any problem with any of them politically. They have been very cooperative, that is all that we require of them.

You would have noted today, all the members of the Oyo State Council of Traditional rulers were all present during the presentation of cars to them.

This goes to show the type of relationship we are having with our Obas here in the state.

Anyhow, we were not expecting the Sheun of Ogbomoso to be physically present here, he is aged, about 92/93 years old, he hardly goes out now.

The Olubadan is about 89, we never expected him to be here physically, and some of these functions they would not be able to attend.

The Alaafin of Oyo and The Eleruwa were here. Olugo came, Asehin is out of the country on holidays.


Has the disagreement between your Governor and the Olubadan over appointment of new Obas been resolved?  

Well, the Governor has consistently maintained that the Olubadan of Ibadan is his father.

Yes, there was a disagreement but it is not a permanent thing.

In view of this posture of the Governor, himself and the Olubadan have had course to talk things over, as is always the case between a father and his son.

But the Governor has refused to reverse the appointment of Obas, which did not go down well with the Olubadan?

I honestly do not think there is anything for the Governor to reverse in that decision.

What has been done was done in accordance with the wishes and desires of the majority of the people of Ibadan. Everybody welcomed that decision.

Some of the Obas that came out of that pronouncement were part of the people that collected vehicles today.

Everybody is happy with that decision if you must know.

Will it be right for you to say everybody is happy with that decision when it is clear the Olubadan is not happy?

I have not seen the Olubadan complain as you are presently alleging.

All we have been saying is for all the traditional rulers in the state to keep cooperating with the state government.

This is all that we require from them, for the state to keep moving on.

Once we have their cooperation in the area of peace and security, welfare of the people of the state both government and the traditional rulers will all be happy.

The responsibility of making Oyo State better and better is the responsibility of all. Ko Oyo leda. Oyo ti da.

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