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Labouring rightly – Part 3


Akin-John Francis Bamibola

• Work Hard, Work Smart
Be diligent, dedicated and sold out to your work. Let morning, noon and night found you in the work. Work smart also, by sharing work burden with others.

• Build a Good Team 
You can never make it alone. You always need a good team of loyal, faithful, available and teachable associates. Your team members must be those with team spirit, not ambitious and glory seeking rebels.

• Sow the Right Seeds 2 Cor.13:8
Preach, teach and emphasise the whole counsel of God. Preach the truth, stand for the truth and be truthful. Love people, but love the truth more than people. It is the right seed that will bring the right harvest.

• Pray and Build Prayer Warriors Luke 6:12; Mark 1:35; 1 Pet. 4:7.
Water your work with intensive, importunate and prevailing personal prayers. Do not be too busy to fast and pray. Take time to wait upon the Lord too. Do not forget to raise up good intercessors and prayer warriors that will continually lift up the work in prayers. Isaiah 62:6-7.

• Grow in Your Leadership – John 21:1-3.
The fact that you are a leader, called of God and possessing a compelling vision does not necessarily mean people will follow you. You will have to grow in your leadership skills and become influential. Many ministers and pastors have not grown to become good and great leaders, which is the more reason people have a hard time following them.

• Pay Your Personal and Ministry Tithes – Mal. 3:8-11.
You cannot say you are labouring right, when you fail to pay your tithes as a pastor and ministry leader. Your personal tithes will open the doors of God’s blessing into your life. And your ministry tithes will open the windows of heaven over your ministry for heavenly rain.

• Blessing of Fathers and Mentors – Gen. 27:4; 49:1, 26, 28.
One of the best ways to labour rightly is to have fathers’ blessings. You will labour hard, if the blessings of your biological or spiritual father is missing in your life. There is no way you can really see fruits of your labour without your father’s blessing.

• God’s Timetable.
You cannot labour right, if you do not take cognisance of God’s timetable for your life and ministry. Work according to His will and time frame. Key into His time for you. Be patient in His dealings and move at His time. When God says GO; it is dangerous to tarry and when He says STAY; it is dangerous to move ahead.

• Keep Heaven In View
– Col. 3:1-3, Rev. 20:12-13.
Do not lose sight of heaven. Our labour is for Him and He is the One that will reward us. Labour in love and honesty. Get ready for heaven and lead people to heaven.I am fully convinced that if you can labour according to these factors, your labour will be okay and fruitful. And you will not miss your rewards.

Dr. Bola Akin-John


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