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Leadership and time management: Its effectiveness in realisation of the vision of an organisation – Part 2


Israel Akinadewo

All these gave us the direction as to the necessity to effectively plan the time for our assignments, if we really want to achieve and have a good rest, as exemplified by Jehovah God.

Leadership planning, in view of time limitation
The expected goal of every leadership is to be successful for the organisation’s growth. Just like God, Who, having utilised the time and days effectively, was able to say everything that He created was good (Genesis 1:31) – SUCCESS. Therefore, where success is not achieved, then it becomes failure of leadership to which ineffective management of time contributes. Let us look at the leadership of Adam and Moses in the Bible:
The Leadership of Adam (Genesis 1-3)

Adam was created by God, not only to be the head of his family, but to also have dominion over everything He created. Adam was given a leadership in which he had no excuse but to succeed, having been supplied with all the things he needed. In the vision handed to him, he was expected not to eat the “fruit of the knowledge of good and evil” and the consequence of his working against this vision was equally spelt out – he would die.

Whilst in the Garden of Eden, he failed firstly by leaving his wife all on her own to redefine the leadership God entrusted to them. Having noticed that, he himself became a weak leader, by moving in the same direction as his wife, which was outside the vision God gave to them.

Causes of Adams’ leadership failure:
• Adam lacked effective management of his time, i.e. when to take his wife along in his schedule of movement to ward off intruders. It was when he left his wife that Satan came to influence her. This is for us to know that, irrespective of how good we think we are, if we are unable to control our own household, we will still fail in leadership (1 Timothy 3:5; 5:8).
• He got everything on a platter of gold, without working for it, which made him to take God‘s grace on his life for granted. In this contemporary world, those who get things easily, without working for them, hardly appreciate, except those with sincere mind.
• He did not take his time to understand the leadership entrusted to him, which allowed him to be easily influenced by a different vision. One of the causes of failure of leadership is putting people in positions they were neither prepared nor qualified to hold, which will make them not to understand the expectations of such high positions.
• He thought he could be smarter and more intelligent than the Owner of the vision (God), which was why he quickly followed his wife in their agreement with Satan (the creation of another vision) to disobey God. Many people lack gratitude and equally have wickedness in their heart, that when they get to position of leadership, the first thing in their mind is how to outwit their leaders. They will see themselves as equal to their leaders and then start planning with outsiders how they will be ‘free’ from the leaders, whom they had accused in their heart of ‘enslaving’ them.

Being Paper Presented By Baba Aladura, Elder (Dr.) Israel Akinadewo (Omoeri) Prelate, Prophet and Supreme Head, Motailatu Church Cherubim & Seraphim Worldwide/Secretary, Christian Association of Nigeria, Lagos State, at the Seminar organised by the Organisation of African Instituted Churches (OAIC), Alimosho Chapter of Lagos State On Monday, December 17, 2018.
To Be Continued

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