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Living in consciousness of our new found dominion


Text: Genesis 1:26-28
Right from the beginning, the Lord had sought to create man that would be like Him. He started this process by ‘injecting’ His image in man (Gen. 1:27). This process culminated by giving him dominion and power over all creatures. Man was created as lord, a typical attribute of God Himself. The dominion and authority bequeathed to man were exercised initially by the first man created by naming all animals on earth. However, this dominion was short-lived as Adam traded it with disobedience that led to his dethronement by the devil. He subsequently lost the dominion and all the rights and privileges he enjoyed. 

Jesus came to restore His church to the original mind of God. The Lord has perfected this process today among His children. He has once again begotten peculiar children to Himself. God would not want man to sell out this exalted and enviable position to the devil again. The demons and powers of darkness are not happy for this defeat. As at today, nothing is left to the devil: he has been completely defeated and rendered hopeless. He gasps for momentum each time but his strength has always failed him occasioned by the indefatigable power of the Lord. Armed with the above knowledge, we must be conscious and guided in order not to lose the newfound dominion.

The devil was the subtle creature that overthrew the first man from his throne. Devil was originally created for a different purpose other than man’s throne. He was in fact a chief musician in heaven. He was created for this purpose. But as soon as he lost this position, he began to struggle to pitch his tent in the life of man. He was dethroned and banished out of heaven because of his avarice to contend with the throne that was exclusive reserved for the Almighty God. Having lost his footprints in heaven, he turned to man to take over his throne and succeeded for a while until God’s intervention. Therefore, devil’s quest and ambition have always been the battle for throne. This informed the reason why real Christians, who have recovered their throne, should guard it jealously.

Ignorantly, man did not understand the importance of throne as devil did. Throne is a seat of power and authority. This ignorance of man made him to give back his throne to the devil and became servants to him. But thank God for this new development that Christ has brought to man. However, it is only those who will live in consciousness of what Christ has done that will retain the victory.

Throne or dominion is usually contentious because it instigates envy and jealousy among the contenders. It is who sits on the throne that determines what happens. Throne is a custodian of authority. Whoever sits on it dictates the pace and every other person follows. He is a king and has the final say in his territory. It takes only sin to loose this throne and power God has given to the church.

For further reading: Dan. 10:13; Rev. 12:7; Luke 1:26-33; Ezek. 28:13; Isaiah 14:12; Gen. 3:23-24; Matt. 28:18-19; 2 Cor. 4:3; Mat. 5:5; Psalm 37:11; Psalm 25:13; Psalm 37:29; Mat. 6:10; Romans 14:17.

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