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Living in faith in time like this


Faith is putting our trust, hope, assurance and confidence in the living God through service and obedience to Him. Romans 4:19. There have been reoccurrences of times and events, though with different people with related events at diverse time. This surely proves that there is nothing new on earth. An event and season becomes new to an individual who is new on earth.

In the 1870’s, there was an experience of death-wreaking plague throughout the region of Newton, particularly in the outskirts of Sydney. There was a high case of death rate, which induced fear and incapacitated the economic standard and other facets of the society. The tragedy lingered for a while, which made it struck the heart of the Church organisation and left her with no choice than to sought immediate solution, of which they know those answers were available in God’s Word.

It’s of no doubt that all scriptures are inspired by God and are useful for teaching the truth, rebuking error, correcting faults and giving instructions for right living. (II Timothy 3:18) In relation to a farther time than the initial, there are several occurrences at different periods throughout the era of the Scripture. Epidemics of all sorts have been inevitable records in the existence of humans. Prophet Jeremiah addressed the disaster that occurred at his own time in Jeremiah 9:20.


Every human being can relate with a pandemic that happened in his or her own period of existence. Some existed at an era of great persecution, some during the First World War, and some, Second World War. Many are unknown to our generation, such as Circa in China at 3000 B.C, The Black Death in Asia and Europe around 1336-1353, Cocoliztli epidemic that ravaged the land of Mexico and Central America, which took the lives of 15 million people and the flu pandemic in the 1889-1890. But the present and young generation can relate with a time like this, which is affecting the masses, irrespective of status, race or belief. Yet, solutions and hope were placed on different powers, which could not settle the chaotic situation.

It is never accidental, Jesus foretold a time like this occasionally in His teachings. (Luke 20: 7-19). Diverse occurrences are to be expected; some could be terrible and alarming. We are charged neither to see it as the end of the world nor fret over it.

The present is structured with evil because the devil has descended into it. Jesus affirmed that in the world, there are tribulations but in Him is peace. We must thus be cheerful, because Christ has overcome the world of evil for us.

How do we live cheerfully and victoriously in a time like this?
Reflecting on the disorder, inadequacy and effect on all and sundry, some have been rendered homeless, some helpless and none seems safe. Yet, in a time like this, there is a remedy. I John 5: 4 “For whatever is born of God is victorious over the world; and this is the victory that conquers the world, even our faith.”

Your faith gives you victory over such a helpless situation in times like this. At every stormy situation, what is required of a Child of God is your faith in the finished works of Christ. Some did not, however, receive Christ nor believe in Him. But as for those that believe in Him, He gave power to become the Children of God. Thus, believing and confessing the finished works of Christ is an access to receiving and activating our victory in Christ Jesus.

Christ has declared us victorious through His finished works. You can’t afford to live a victim’s or defeated life. The trials of this time; hunger, danger, death, discouraging news, disappointment, etc. should not be able to detach us from the love of God. For this reason, Jesus Christ died to destroy the works of the devil and make you more than a conqueror. Herein we have joy, when we live in faith in the word of God above all the disheartening situation news and occurrences. What you need at this time is to live by faith.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac I. Oluyamo, JP, is the Bishop of Ijesa North Diocese, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)


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