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Living to please the master



Our today’s discourse defines man’s purpose in life. For instance, Paul, the Apostle, succinctly spelt out his purpose and top priority in life in these words, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phil. 1:21). He understood the essence of living and he consciously and meticulously pursued it with all his strength and determination.

Jesus Christ died the most excruciating death on the Cross with pains to save man. His persuasion was anchored on His purpose in life to save man from sin. This was the primary purpose He was born. He made the most costly sacrifice ever. His will was deliberately crushed while He stood in agony to fulfil the Father’s Will. When He finally obliged the Father’s Will and died amidst mockery and pains at Calvary, He satisfied His purpose on earth.

One’s purpose on earth determines where he/she spends eternity afterwards. Examples abound of believers who lived for Christ and eventually made it to heaven. Stephen, one of the stalwarts of Christ’s disciples, died for a purpose. He lived for Christ and died gloriously. His glorious exit was superlative and touching. He knew where he was going because he walked for it. Conversely, as believers, the life we live today determines what counts in eternity.


Paul was bold to say “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me…“ (Gal. 2:20). The implication of this statement is that he was dead to the world. His desire was to seek Jesus Christ alone and bring sinners to Him. He never lived by himself or for himself; He never lived to bother himself on what people said about him; He never lived for any traditional or ecclesiastical title because he was already dead. Paul was completely crucified with Christ; nothing was left behind. Similarly, those who claimed to be Christians but still have some worldly attractions in them are not yet crucified: they are far from salvation. In fact, they are not saved!

Until a believer dies to worldly affection and visits Calvary on daily basis, he will not be able to serve God acceptably. Traces of sins and immoral practices will hinder Christians’ entrance to heaven. Some Christians cleverly take traditional titles in their villages in order to be accepted by the world. Ignorantly, they do not know that by taking such titles, they are initiated into occults and all sorts of evil practices.


In view of these facts, every believer should assess and reassess his life with the light of the scriptures. Aside the above factors, negligence to duty can also spell doom to some believers who flagrantly disobey heavenly call to evangelism. Paul, our classical example, was a dogged preacher. He touched lives and brought souls to heaven. Time has come for believers to be persuaded within for God’s work. Nobody needs to be pushed around or cajoled before he does the work of God. The harvest is plenteous. Rise up and do the work of the Master!

This is a clarion call to all heavenly-minded believers who are determined to live for Christ. Thoroughly run some checks on your spiritual life and live to please Him. If you live to please others or self, how would you appear before Him on the last day? Surrender to God and rededicate your life and service to Him today.

For further reading: Phil. 1:21-24; Mat. 26:39; Gen. 3:15; Isaiah 7:14; Acts 14:24; 16:24-33; 7:59-60; John 12:24; Mat. 20:15.
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